A Fresh Take On Christmas Ornaments

I have to be honest, when it comes to Holiday celebrations and the like, I’m quite a traditional girl. My family’s Christmas arrangements are much the same every year, has been for decades really… very time-honoured. Not that I mind – I find it comforting, the familiar. It would probably not feel very much like Christmas if we didn’t do it our customary way.

I’m also quite  jealous of you lucky people who celebrate a White Christmas every year. Snow, mistletoe, eggnog, reindeer, sleigh-rides, red bows, silver bells and boughs of holly – all the things American TV and carols has told us Christmas should be. And here I am, sitting in front of a fan trying to escape the sweltering Cape Town summer! I’m craving a change – it must be the heat.

This year I want to break tradition – I want something fresh, something unique. I’m starting with the old Christmas decorations – no more shiny glass balls or tinsel and definitely no red, green and gold! I’m after something different. I did a quick Pinterest search for inspiration and found these examples of Christmas ornaments with a fresh contemporary twist. Have a quick look – I think they are pretty awesome! Some of them are DIYs so be sure to follow the links back to the original source for the “how to” instructions.

{Click on images to enlarge and view sources}

{So what do guys & gals think – cute hey?! Any of you also attempting a less traditional Christmas this year?}


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