South Africa’s Brightest Light – Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

With great sadness we say “hamba kahle” (go well) to Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela our beloved Tata Madiba.

This morning while driving to lift a lovely lady, I first heard the news on radio that our dearly beloved Father of the Nation, Nelson Mandela had passed away last night. It is something that we as South Africa never really wanted to happen, despite the fact that we knew that the state of his health of late meant that it was eminent.

How do you say goodbye to someone such as Madiba – the brightest light to shine in South Africa, and the world. A man who will remain the icon of freedom, determination, peace, forgiveness, generosity and total greatness in humility. Nelson Mandela together with other liberation struggle heroes took on the giant of apartheid; was instrumental in its downfall and in doing so became a giant personality himself.

One of the comments on the radio came from Xhosa man being interviewed. He said that in the Xhosa tradition when a big wind blows, it signifies the passing of an elder. How apt is that comment, namely because the whole of yesterday, Cape Town experienced the power of a very, very strong south easterly wind, the likes of which we had not experienced for a while.

With his passing, we at Design Monarchy and The Design Tabloid, would like to say “Thank you Madiba, thank you. Thank you for being the hero that you are and for leading us as South Africans into the new era of The Rainbow Nation. In your life you brought freedom and reconciliation – thank you. You will forever remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.”
Our thoughts and our condolences go out to his vast family during this time of mourning. We wish them all the strength they will need in this phase. Particularly to the fine lady who has stood by his side these last years – Graça Machel. We like to say to them: remember it is indeed an honour to bear his name and to carry his legacy forward. Do him proud and do it well.

To all South Africans, together with you we say: Viva Nelson Mandela, Viva. Long Live his Legacy!

{Image: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory}

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