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Decorating Dictionary: Barley Twist


What is the definition of Barley Twist?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term “Barley Twist“, “Barley Sugar Twist“, or “Barley Twist legs” and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define Barley Twist for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Barley Twist:  is a turned furniture feature resembling a spiral corkscrew-like form named after “barley sugar twists”, a type of traditional sweet / candy. Hugely popular in the 17th century, the barley twist was often a favoured choice for furniture legs, struts and decorative furniture trims. This turned furniture feature was inspired by the ancient Solomonic column, a twist-fluted column frequently used in Eastern and Byzantine architecture of the Late Antiquity period. Another variation of this design feature is called an “open barley twist”, which has two intertwining twists and a hollow centre, similar in shape to that of a double helix.

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