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Decorating Dictionary: Bouclé

What is the definition of Bouclé?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term “bouclé” or “bouclé fabric” and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define Bouclé for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Bouclé: (from the French meaning “looped” or “curled”) is a rough textured fabric woven from looped fibre yarn of the same name. It is the coiled nature of the yarn that gives the textile its irregular knobbly or “slubby” appearance. The fabric is generally made from wool and mohair, although cotton, linen, silk, and in recent years, synthetic mixes, can also be used to create its distinctive look and feel. Bouclé’s versatile qualities and its durable, soft, and tactile nature made it was a popular fabric choice for both furniture and fashion designers in the Mid-century era of design (Eero Saarinen and Coco Chanel but to mention a few).

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