Review: Home Magazine

Scott Peck’s first line in his book “The Road less Travelled” is: Life is difficult. That sure gets the reader’s attention! Well although that is the truth, today I want to start out by saying: “Life is fascinating!” What makes it fascinating for me is that we are all different and yet we all have something in common.

The other fascinating thing is the fact that despite there being so many local and international interiors magazines, they all have a niche market, appealing to different people for different reasons.

This month I have the pleasure of briefly reviewing “HOME” the sister magazine of “IDEAS” which Marica reviewed last month.

Coming out of the few issues that I have read, I would say this magazine does not necessarily focus on featuring the work of designers and those in the trade, or featuring specific homes and projects. Rather I have noticed that it gears itself more towards the being an informative guide to achieving good interiors. It is a much broader “Get the Look” hands-on magazine. NOW – that appeals to me and I am sure to many.

The articles cover the history of interiors, different styles of interiors, interior trends, gardens and food. And let’s not forget the tips on how to get that look.

The messages are further enhanced by the entertaining, clear and concise images.

Local gets even more lekker – you will be able to find it on the shelves in both English and Afrikaans (I believe it’s called “Tuis”).

Combine this Home mag with its sister Ideas and what do you have – a fabulous wealth of interiors knowledge being shared. I would like to give them both the Design Monarchy’s “Royal Seal of Awesomeness”.

Check out their website: here and keep an eye out for the latest issue – it’s all about green-awareness and sustainability…


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