Creative SA: Zana

Creative SA: Zana

Last year we introduced a new blog series, Creative SA. In this series we will regularly feature South African makers.

by Marica Fick

Today we want to share the gorgeous products of Cape Town-based creative studio, Zana, with you.

Zana produces beautiful screen-printed products – textiles, bags, cushions, and other fashion and home accessories but to name a few of their “giftables”. Their trendy graphic designs are bold and fun with a definite Scandi flair.

“We love to create things that pack a punch and give you that hair-blowing-back, confetti-bomb experience. We are in love with colour, pattern and typography. This is really what gets us inspired.”

– Zana

Something that makes this creative duo all the more admirable and extraordinary is the fact that they are a mother-daughter team.

Sue and Robyn Britz founded Zana in 2012. Sue, who has a BA in Fine Arts, spent many years working in print and production industry. When Robyn graduated from Vega in 2012 with a BA in Creative Brand Communications, the gals decided to join their creative forces.

The name “Zana” derives from a childhood nickname given to Sue by one of her relatives. The ladies decided that “Zana” would make for a unique and authentic label for their creative business. I sure like it – it is one part cute, one part sentimental!

During the foundational days of their business, the ladies worked out of their garage, juggling their fledgling enterprise, full-time jobs, and studies. Later, as the online orders started rolling in and business grew, they moved to bigger premises and hired additional staff.

In 2015 Zana hosted a series of screen-printing workshops in an exercise to better connect and interact with their customers. These workshops proved to be so popular that they now host them on regularly basis from their studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.  Man oh man, I would LOVE to attend one of those babies!

A facet of the Zana business model that I completely identify with and appreciate is that each lady has her own skill set which complements the other’s perfectly. With Sue’s experience and Robyn’s design eye and online savvy, their strengths merge to create a thriving and successful business.

In a way it reminded me of my own working relationship with Rose. We each have our own tastes, skills and way of thinking / doing, yet it all comes together to form beautifully balanced interiors

Zana recently celebrated their 5 birthday. On being asked what 5 valuable lessons they have learnt in 5 years of business, the dynamic mother-daughter duo shared the following sage advise on their blog:

1.  Don’t give up. Persevere.

2.  Know the power of social media and embrace the community it builds.

3.  There’s no quick fix. Things take time.

4.  You need to find the perfect combo of working smart and working hard.

5.  Delegating is key.

Be sure to check out the Zana website to see their full range of awesome products.

You can also follow Zana on FacebookInstagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

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