Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours

feature image: Dulux New Zealand

by Marica Fick

Like our previous trend post about the resurgence of Rattan, the hot and spicy colour trend we will be sharing today also smacks of retro deliciousness.

With the chill of winter fast approaching, we are quite happy to see the interior colour palettes shift to richer and warmer tones. I think it is exactly this yearning for warmth, cosiness, and womb-like comfort that has made TERRACOTTA the go-to home colour trend of the past few seasons.

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
A perfect balanced of terracotta hues, pale blue, and earthy materials in Fonda Mexican restaurant in Melbourne. | source: Eclectic Trends

To give you a greater scope of the massive popularity of this earthy-coloured trend, let me share this tidbit:

A few times a year, Pinterest releases as a category specific report detailing the latest and greatest pinning trends from around the world. Last year, they reported a whopping 95% increase of terracotta-themed interior and homeware images in the UK alone.

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
A dusting of pale cocoa on the walls complemented by a plush ochre-coloured, deep-buttoned ottoman. | source: Angus Fergusson via Instagram

Furthermore, the trend has evolved so much further than just terracotta alone – it now stretches to cover a whole family of warm earthy tones. This includes colours like slightly yellower clay, reddish brick, burnt orange rust, and even muted cocoa and cinnamon browns.

Now, if you told me a few months ago the colour brown would be making a comeback, AND, that I would actually like it, I would have told you you’re off your rocker. Yet here we are, halfway through a trend post featuring shades of brown! In my own defence, I find that the way the colour is used and with what it is paired – the whole picture so to speak – more interesting and beautiful than the colour itself.

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
I love this gorgeous clay-coloured painted half wall and glazed terracotta floor tiles combination. | source: House & Home

Terracotta and the other earthy shades can warm up even the chilliest of rooms. Paint a whole wall (or half wall for an added statement) in any of these toasty shades to evoke a sense of warmth and inviting cosiness.

While I absolutely love the idea of whole-space colourearthy shades piled upon earthy shades, walls, floor, furniture and all – it might be a very bold and daring statement few would commit to.

Luckily, terracotta and its earthy friends shine even brighter on a backdrop of tamer neutral colours. White or warm grey would serve as a beautiful and timeless foundation to terracotta-coloured furniture and accents.

You can even just spice up your space for the winter months. If your current space is pretty neutral you can easily throw in a few terracotta touches to warm it up. Add a couple of terracotta-coloured scatter cushions to your sofa, maybe a warm-hued throw and a few decorative accessories – et voilà. You need no more than that.

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
A gorgeous velvet terracotta sofa against a marsala painted wall. | source: Neptune

Other complimentary colour combinations to consider…

If you are keen to make a bold, rich and somewhat opulent statement, consider using the varying shades and tones of terracotta together. Clay, brick, rust, cocoa and cinnamon browns can all be layered in a beautiful and rather monochromatic scheme.

Terracotta and the earth colours with a slightly orangey undertone pair tastefully with cool shades like blue. Turquoise and soft sky blue compliments and contrasts the hot clay colours beautifully. If you opt for the darker brown colours, deeper jewel-toned shades like navy blue or emerald green would be an excellent choice to boost and brighten the otherwise dull brown.

For a calmer, more feminine look combine the earthy shades with soft fleshy and blush tones. These pale pink and peach skin colours can also serve as a beautiful and contemporary neutral foundation or backdrop for your terracotta coloured accents.

Another bold pairing would be the inclusion of a strong mustard yellow or ochre or even a warm purple-toned colour like Marsala or burgundy.

Lastly, one can’t go wrong by adding a few warm metals to your terracotta and earth-toned palette – brass, copper, and antique gold all works beautifully.

Have you noticed the Terracotta colour trend too? Keen on introducing some earthy hues to your home? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
“Kinship” a beautiful warm terracotta inspired paint colour from Dulux Australia. | source: Dulux Australia
Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
The beautiful warm and womb-like bar area of the Hotel Bachaumont in paris. | source: Jessica Antola
Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
Lovely earthy and warm autumn hues in this bedroom setup. | source: Dulux Australia
Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
The chocolate brown wainscoting beautifukky complemented by a dark blue and emerald green. | source: Ferm Living
Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
Stunning “chestnut” tones in this beautiful Swedish home. | source: My Scandinavian Home

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