Decorating Dictionary: Define Memphis Style

Decorating Dictionary: Memphis Style

What is the definition of Memphis Style?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term “Memphis Style” and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define Memphis Style for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Memphis Style:  is a postmodern movement pioneered by the Memphis Group, an Italian design and architecture collective, in the 1980s. Inspired by earlier styles such as Pop Art, Art Deco, and 1950s Kitsch, Memphis Style has been described as “a shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price”. The somewhat bizarre and humorous style is known for its bold use of colour, abstract graphic patterns, and asymmetrical geometric shapes. The Memphis Group designed and exhibited many furniture pieces, decorative objects, and household items in this peculiar style. While Memphis Style was often seen as “bad taste” and misunderstood, the designs received much acclaim and had many admirers – David Bowie had a massive Memphis Style collection. In recent years, renewed interest in Memphis Style designs has resulted in a minor style revival both in the fashion and interiors sectors.

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