6 Industrial Chic Bedside Pedestals | via The Design Tabloid

6 Industrial Chic Bedside Pedestals for Your Home

by Marica Fick

Finding the right bedside pedestal for your bedroom can be quite a difficult task. I have experienced this firsthand. I have been on the hunt trying to source a suitable bedside table for our guest bedroom which we are in the process of revamping.

There are so many factors to consider – most of which comes down to functionality and personal preference. Are you strapped for space and need something slimline or can your available space allow for a bigger bedside unit? Do you prefer a bedside table with storage? If so drawer(s), door, or pigeonhole basket? Then there is table top space – do you have the space for a decent bedside reading light while leaving enough room to plop down your book, phone and other bedside necessities?

While doing a quick online search of our local furniture and homeware stores I found that the available pedestals are anything but drab and utilitarian. In my search I came across so many funky bedside pedestals with distinct Industrial feel to them. And, while an Industrial-styled pedestal is not necessarily what I need for my guest room, I immediately thought that it would make a good blog post.

SO, for all you lovers of the Industrial home style, here are our roundup trendy, attention-grabbing Industrial Chic bedside pedestals for your home…

6 Industrial Chic Bedside Pedestals for Your Home | via The Design Tabloid

6 Industrial Chic Bedside Pedestals:

Dallas Pedestal

“The Dallas cabinet makes quite the statement in contemporary interiors. Bold industrial, this cabinet boasts various sized storage compartments for all your storage needs.” Available from Block & Chisel

Hughes Bedside Table

“The Hughes bedside table is the perfect accent piece for any room in your home. Made from Mango wood with a Iron door and legs, this bedside table can double up as both a storage and design element. With its neutral colour and industrial inspired style, this piece will complement almost any bedroom decor.” Also available from Block & Chisel

Reuben 2 Drawer Pedestal

Want a true statement piece in your bedroom? Then this Industrial inspired bedside pedestal with its over-sized metal wheels is just the thing! The body of the pedestal is wrapped in metal while the drawer fronts are in beautiful fir wood. This pedestal kinda reminds me of an old mining trolley. Available online through Cielo Lifestyle

Mini Locker

This mini locker is made of galvanised steel and power-coated in a beautiful Mint Green colour. While Mother City hardware also makes bedside pedestal in this range, I wanted to show you how beautiful the mint-coloured lockers are. Available from MotherCityHardware

Tool Pedestal in Gun Metal

“Industrial cool comes to the bedroom. Give your space a sophisticated yet modern edge with this tool style gun metal pedestal. Pair with dark coloured upholstery and luxurious linens on your bed.” Available from @home

Mason Pedestal

“A bedside table that blends both rustic and industrial elements. This trendy pedestal with its rounded corners is made from rustic light weighted Fir wood featuring brushed metal legs and handles.” Available online through Cielo Lifestyle


6 thoughts on “6 Industrial Chic Bedside Pedestals for Your Home

  1. My boyfriend had a custom bedside table made similar to the Mini Locker. He has not taken it out of the box yet but I hope it turns out to be as good looking as this!

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