Decorating Dictionary: Define Semainier

Decorating Dictionary: Semainier

LEFT: A handsome fruitwood and walnut veneer French semainier with holly inlay and marble top, circa 1880. RIGHT: A super cool contemporary semainier by Rougier in teal high gloss lacquer.

What is the definition of Semainier?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term Semainier and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define Semainier for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Semainier:   is a tall, narrow chest with seven drawers – one drawer for each day of the week. Popularised in 18th-century, the name derives from the French term, “semaine”, meaning “week” and was designed for storing lingerie, personal linen and other unmentionables. 

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