Pinterest Picks - Beautiful Bathrooms

Pinterest Picks: Beautiful Bathrooms

Rose and I could not wait to get right onto the next instalment of our Pinterest Picks blog series. For those keeping track, this is our fourth Pinterest Picks post, having previously selected our favourite bedrooms, nooks & niches, and workspaces.

Just to remind you what this series is all about: we are in essence playing a little game of “I wish“, as in “I wish I had that interior” – be it lounge, bedroom, kitchen or anything in between. After spending some time perusing our various Pinterest boards, we each select our favourite interior image – the space we most desire to have as our own. We then explain exactly why we coveted that particular space and if there is anything we would like to change.

Naturally, we ended up choosing two “runner-up” interiors… because deciding on just one room is just too difficult!

This time around we decided to select our favourite images for our “Bathrooms” Pinterest board. The board is a collection of Design Monarchy‘s favourite and most beautiful bathroom finds – from quirky guest loo’s to masterful en-suites…

Without further ado, here are our top 3 nominations for the loveliest, most desirable bathrooms…


Pinterest Picks - Beautiful BathroomsSource

Marica’s Pinterest Bathroom Pick:

Marica said:

“To be honest, I was quite surprised at what type of bathroom look and feel appealed to me. Once again my need for practicality and functionality was pitted against my interior designer aesthetic. I generally prefer bathrooms that contain one interesting feature or focal point (usually the vanity area) but are otherwise style and colour neutral.  This style and colour neutrality allows you to keep your bathroom timeless – hello resell value!

After I settled on my top three bathroom images, I noticed a common thread running through all three of them (I’m sure you have all spotted the similarities). This shared pattern was something completely unplanned and subconscious.

After the usual backwards and forwards I settled on the lovely guest bathroom of  DIY blogger Jenna Sue. The feature that immediately drew me to select this image as my numero uno was the lovely and delicate wooden vanity. Believe it or not, this “vanity” is actually a vintage tea trolley / cart that Jenna found at a flea market. I simply love the idea of repurposing furniture pieces, that are typically used elsewhere in your home, as vanities or bathroom storage. I love how the vintage trolley with it’s warm wooden texture, carved detail and turned legs adds a slightly Cottage element to this bathroom.

Some other elements I enjoyed were the gorgeous brass wall faucet paired with the sleek contemporary vessel basin and the lovely reclaimed wood shelf / ledge above it. The patterned tile used as splashback adds a bit of interest to the vanity area without overwhelming the space. I also love the glass bottles with sprigs of greenery that adds a bit of life and colour to the bathroom.”

1st Runner Up…

“This bathroom also features white, neutral hard finishes and a contemporary on-counter vessel basin.Where my previous bathroom option featured a vintage wooden vanity unit, this bathroom’s vanity is a sleek white-on-white Ikea unit.

Similar to my first choice, this bathroom also features a wooden shelf / ledge just above the vanity area. In this instance, instead of one wall-fixed vanity mirror, different sized and styled mirrors were placed on the shelf. I adore this playful idea – it can change the whole look and feel of the bathroom depending on the mirrors you choose.

The soft greyish green colour of the glass mosaics used for the vanity splashback beautifully contrasts with the warm wooden shelf above it.”

2nd Runner Up…

“By now I’m sure you must have notice the similarities between my chosen images. Like my first and second bathrooms, my third choice also consist of a largely white and neutral tiled backdrop.

The big floating wooden vanity unit with it’s concrete top adds warmth and texture to the space while also providing ample storage for all you bathroom necessities. I love the little white hexagonal mosaic used to tile the vanity wall and the hanging planters in the corner.

And… surprise, surprise – another wooden floating shelf!”


Pinterest Picks - Beautiful BathroomsSource

Rose said:

“Sitting down once again to work through the myriad of images pinned to our Bathrooms board, had me wanting to approach this post from a place of ‘what not to do in your bathroom interior’. There seems to be a whole lot of crazy going on in bathrooms!”

Rose’s Pinterest Bathroom Pick:

“What is it that attracts me to this bathroom so much so that it gets ‘first place’? That floor in the oversized washbasin area is just too delicious and too desirous for me. The galley like layout of the washbasin area is very appealing, with the concrete vanity and counter mounted basins.

Ultimately, it is that mosaic floor that totally does it for me. It draws you into the space while that bath is like bait on a hook at the ‘end of the line’ (quite literally this time). And I’m such a sucker for a bath experience.

What would I change in this set up? – the mirrors on the wall. Further, instead of that ‘clay style’ mud wall at the back of the bath, I would install a bank of small pane black industrial style windows that allows for that inside/outside feeling. With huge soft trees on the other side of the window for the natural experience and privacy.”


1st Runner Up…

“What grabs me most about this bathroom is the fact that its tile feature is pretty current and trendy. The hexagonal (beehive style) white tiles just do it for me. I’m also drawn to the clean and simple lines of this bathroom, particularly the black metal frame mirror and shower glass frame.

Something that I don’t like is the fact that the shower metal frame extrudes into the section of the wall that has been cut away for the amenities. It bothers my line of sight all the time. I would throw a bit of some soft coloured towels into this space to soften it.”

2nd Runner Up…

“Oh boy, this is a dreamy space. It’s probably that totally unusual copper, vintage -shaped bath with the window in front of it that so draws me to it. The copper bath placed in front of the heavily textured brick or slate wall is such a beautiful blend of colour and texture – working in total harmony. Generally, that heavily textured wall wouldn’t do it for me, but together with that bath, something rather spectacular has been created.”

What do you think of our Pinterest bathroom picks? See anything you like too?

Stay tuned for the next addition in our Pinterest Picks series – maybe we will do our favourite living rooms or kitchens.


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