Our Quirky KARE Wish List

by Marica Fick

Quirky, off-beat, unique, out-of-the-box, and sometimes… just plain weird. Those are just some of the terms that come to mind when trying to describe KARE‘s unusual style of furniture and decorative accessories.

Never heard of them? No sweat, we’ll give a quick introduction to this European design cult brand…

KARE describes themselves as an unconventional furniture company which strictly rejects run-of-the-mill concepts. Instead, they strive to create an innovative range of unique, non-conformist and authentic furniture pieces.

Friends, Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen, established KARE in 1981 as a quirky alternative after being frustrated with the either terribly drab or elitist furniture market of the time.

For unconventional and romantic spirits, for the wild and the style-conscious, for birds of paradise and all those who cast off all constraints when it comes to furnishing their own home.

AND, it just so happens that KARE has recently opened its first ever store in Joburg, South Africa! So all this weird, quirky fun could be yours!

KARE’s quirky, out-of-the-box designs are exactly what makes them so special and desirable (seriously guys… “normal” is SO boring). Furthermore, their ranges feature multiple styles – from Industrial and sleek Contemporary, to Rustic and Shabby Chic. There is something for everyone. I also love the fact that even within those recognizable styles they still try to push boundaries and stretch the imagination.

SO, for all you brave lovers of quirk and the unusual, we curated a wish list of our favourite KARE furniture items…

9 Quirky Furniture Pieces on Our KARE Wish List:

Ornamento Cabinet

With its different fronted drawers, mouldings, and distressed finish, the Ornamento Cabinet would work perfectly in a Shabby Chic, County-esque or rustic French interior.

Jupiter Pendant Lamp

Add a bit of glamour to your home with this gorgeous and feminine pendant light. Bonus – the brass trim and lovely rose-coloured glass are right on trend.

Cherry Stool Range

I simply adore the Cherry stool range. These beautiful ottomans come in a variety of plush, colourful velvet fabrics – with either a silver or trendy brass trim at the bottom. Oh, and might I add, not too badly priced.

Bow Nature Armchair

With its lovely squat curved birch frame, the Bow Nature Armchair has a distinct “African” flavour. The geometric zig-zag fabric of the seat adds to the funky tribal feel.

Duck Feet Frame

This is just SO quirky! The brass picture frame with its “duck feet” pedestal will definitely make your house guests do a “double take”. I would actually love one for my home. What a conversation starter!

Oase Dresser

This gorgeous chest of drawers is right at the top of my KARE wish list. The Oase Dresser’s drawer fronts feature lovely geometric patterned inlays and vintage-style copper desk handles and knobs.

Drawer Stool

Another quirky piece – this stool / ottoman is, in essence, a velvet-upholstered drawer on legs. Oh, and as a side note – KARE also has a “Suitcase Stool” – complete with luggage handle, buckles and buttoned upholstered top. Super cute!

Living Vegas Armchair

A true (blue) Hollywood Regency showpiece. With its gold / brass frame and bold velvet upholstery, these opulent “Jonathan Adler“-type armchairs are all the rage.

Fleur Cabinet

With its beautiful splashes of bold colour, the Fleur Cabinet will make for a gorgeous statement piece. I also think it could easily serve as an off-beat bar cabinet…


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