GIVE AWAY! Win beautiful Hot Cakes by Carol Mills products…

The 1st PRIZE consists of the following beautiful Hot Cakes by Carol Mills Fabrics products: 1) Apron, 2) Tray and 3) Oven Mitts!

Carol Mills has a long history in the field of Interior Décor and fabrics, going back to the time when she owned a retail décor outlet. During the course of the last decade or so, she has been part of one of SA’s well known retail décor outlets.

 As one thing always leads to another, it was not too long before she had taken the leap in having her very own range of toile fabrics designed and produced locally.

Why not pop over to her website to view the fabrics and…. Watch this space, as she will be launching other products/fabrics that she distributes onto her website in the New Year.

2nd Prize is a Hot Cakes toiletry and make-up bag set!

And, I may add that it was at a time when the trend towards more locally designed fabrics was not quite as fashionable as it is today.  Being passionate about the tales that revolve around our local cultures (including viticulture), our history, all our indigenous fauna & flora as well as our connections to the sea, turned out to be the base from which Carol drew her inspirational toile designs. The Range is called “Fabric Du Sud” or in our every day not so French language – Fabrics of the South. This range has steadily grown to include Fabric De Sud 1, 2 and 3.

In more recent years, Carol decided to mix into the fold a range of products made from her toile fabrics. And wait for it…. The name of this range is very sexy – HOT CAKES. Products such as super durable trays, aprons and bistro aprons (called Hot Buns mind you), oven mitts, toiletry & make up bags.

To celebrate her launching her fabrics and products onto the Social Media stage, Carol is sponsoring a GIVE AWAY. The HOT CAKES goodies to be had are – 1st PRIZE: a tray, an apron and a pair of oven mitts. AND because it is the season of goodwill, she is throwing in a second prize as well – a toiletry & make-up bag.

To enter and stand a chance WIN:

1) Comment on this post below by telling us who you are and if you would give this prize as a gorgeous Christmas gift or if you would keep it all to yourself!

2) “Like” our Facebook page: here   AND   the Carol Mills Facebook page: here

….if you have Twitter you can also do the following….

3) Tweet this post and include @streaksahead @carolmillsfab  (by the way…are you following us and Carol yet?)

Unfortunately only people living in South Africa are eligible for this Give-Away. We will announce the lucky winner on Tuesday, 13 December 2011.


14 thoughts on “GIVE AWAY! Win beautiful Hot Cakes by Carol Mills products…

  1. Wow a very difficult choice you are giving me.will it be big enough to share?if not i will give the prize to my mother. I had a Very difficult year and she supported soooo much. I will give the prize to her.I just want to comment that the materials are beautiful.

  2. Oh, I would totally want to keep it to myself…then bake something delicious to celebrate and invite over my friends so that I can show it off, thereby indirectly sharing the joy 😉

  3. Keep producing lovely designs Carol, and yes I would love to give a gift to a special client, to say Thank You!

  4. Keep it for myself of course, i would be insane to give away a great win like this, but i would allow some to borrow it once in a while 🙂

  5. I would definitely keep in for myself. Main reason to look at it, as a decorator for inspiration and what you can achieve in life. Beautifull!

  6. I would definitely keep it for myself. Its too stunning to give away. I might just bake some goodies and invite some family and friends over that would be me sharing the love

  7. Wow, Rose. These are so nice. I might have to be naughty and keep them for myself. 😉 I have recently moved into a new house and could really use those beautiful lovelies to add some pizazz to my kitchen. That tray is super gorgeous. 🙂

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