My Scandinavian Home: Kitchen Tour

My Scandinavian Home: Kitchen Tour

by Rose McClement

Hello there again everyone – I have to wonder – did anyone miss us these past two weeks? Did you notice that we hadn’t published a blog post for near on two weeks now? Although we have only been publishing on a once a week basis, making that appearance every week has become so much a part of our lives. Not getting a post out for our readers for nearly two weeks, feels pretty much like not having brushed my hair for that length of time. I’m so aware of the gap.

If you are and have been a regular on our blog, you will know that when the projects we work on demand our time, the blog has to take a bit of a back seat. So, I thought just to bring it to mind again.  This is a busy time in our trade and although we hope not to have gaps in our publications, it might happen.

The feature for today is a kitchen tour video released by Niki Brantmark of the blog “My Scandinavian Home”. She publishes a blog every day in which she features and reveals what Scandinavians do in their homes. 

I’ve been following this blog for many years now. I largely give it most of the credit for achieving something which about seven years ago, I didn’t think possible. That is – my appreciation of the Scandi Style and way of living. Seven years ago the thought of all that white space really didn’t do it for me at all.  Plus, everything was just a tad too “natural” for me.

However, as they say, “you boil a frog by turning the water temperature up slowly”. Today, although I still have times when there is just too much white going on for me, I look forward to glancing at the Scandi Style and I have come to appreciate that their interior spaces are mostly carefully curated. Each decor element has been given thought and holds it place proudly. For instance, you will notice that in her kitchen Niki has created a clever reading nook right at the window. Take a careful look at the few elements she has there and how she crafted this nook into a “chill corner”.

Be sure to pop over to My Scandinavian Home to view more images and details of Niki’s beautiful kitchen tour.

Enjoy the video and see you soon.



14 thoughts on “My Scandinavian Home: Kitchen Tour

  1. Hey there Jewel – one would never imagine that we could desire something so open, that is un-fussed. But it is a desirable space. I’m guessing that we relate to that open space because in this busy world we buzz around in each day, the uncluttered feeling is something we desire to come home to.

  2. Hey there sigitome – it sure does look exactly like that. But I’m guessing that like with every other kitchen, when it has to be functional, then that cooking characteristic must kick in. But the up side of this kitchen space, is it’s sense of expansion and I guess even when messy, it doesn’t look it.

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