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Quick Tip #15: Age Wood With Vinegar

This awesome little DIY tip I picked up via Pinterest is reminiscent of one of our very first décor Quick Tips which was “Stain Your Wood With Coffee.” It’s easy, affordable and eco-friendly… but it might be a little smelly. A mixture of vinegar, steel wool & tea causes a chemical reaction which aids the natural oxidation of the timber, the result – weathered wood! Science meets décor!

#15   An easy way to age or distress unsealed / unvarnished wood is to use a combination of vinegar, steel wool & tea. Tear up some fine-grade steel wool and throw it in a glass jar, fill the jar 3/4 way with apple cider vinegar. Close the jar and let the mixture mellow for a minimum of 24 hours (the longer it sits the darker the stain). Next, brew a pot of tea and add brush the tea unto your well-sanded wood. When the tea has dried, paint the vinegar mixture onto the wood. 

Image via Sweet Pickins
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Quick Tips - Decor Diva - The Design Tabloid

Quick Tip #2: Stain Your Wood With Coffee

Image via Re-Nest

Here is a super-dooper organic quick tip for you:

#2   Did you know you can stain your wooden furniture with coffee?! Yup, make a pot of (ground) coffee, leave it to brew overnight and then apply it with a brush to your sanded timber item. Stronger coffee equals a darker stain and weaker coffee a lighter tone. 

For more on this quick tip check out the Re-nest website: here