How to Win Someone’s Heart

Funny girl Suzelle DIY shows us how to win someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day. Her Valentine’s plan is super sweet – we had a good laugh! So, if you are in a steady relationship (or semi-stalking somebody like Suzelle) why not make them this romantic heart-inspired breakfast!

♥ Have a brilliant love-filled Valentine’s Day tomorrow everyone! ♥

A Heart Space at Work

Hello – being the month of LUV, it is probably as good a time as any to take a look around your work / office or desk space – just to check out whether your are feeling connected to it, or disconnected from it.  Are you showing yourself some self-care, self-nurturing and plenty of self-love within the space that you spend many hours working?  Does your work space or office reflect your love and passion for your chosen career or the work that you do?

If your office or work space could speak, what you think it would say to you or anyone that comes into that space for that matter? Would it gripe and groan about being neglected, taken for granted or having no identity of its own?  Or would it speak of having the satisfaction of being in the heart connection with you, your work and being able to hold you within a space that affords you the opportunity finding the expression of your passion? Like “I support, love, inspire & honour my person everyday” of their working life.  I enjoy being part of their business & provide that space for them to be comfortable enough to make plenty money!!

Why is it that we think that the expression of our heart space is only in our home and not in the office as well?  Be it home or formal office – begin to own it. Let’s put some Heart & Luv into our office/ work space.  Make it your own and change its story – if you have to.

I probed Marica to find out what she would do for her workspace. Here are her really cool tips on the outward expression of who she is in her workspace:

1. She likes to be organised. Hence some pretty desk organizing tools – colour, pattern & style of her liking.

2. She digs coloured pen & pencils – these are the writing tools of the artsy fartsy. (I too love different coloured pens – and they tell of my love for writing colourful stories). Check out stationery shops like Ampersand or Typo – you will find all sorts of nifty, playful stationery.

3. She would like plenty of green plants around – nice one this. Plants are not only cool Feng Shui elements, but need attention and nurturing. Which is just what a career or business needs as well.

4. Cool wall art – clipboards are her hot favourite at the moment. Go onto Pinterest and explore your wall art options – both big and small.

5. She is nuts about illustrative art, so it came as no surprise to find she would have fab box-framed illustrations in her zone. Find art that is an expression of your work. Not just any old art will do.

6. She would love floating bookshelves or some form of open storage unit (maybe open fronted wall boxes) – to store and display all her career-relevant books and mags.

You don’t have to break the bank to create a nurturing work environment.  Visit Pinterest and probe the images, even DIY stuff.  Allow you creative juices to start flowing. Start small and let it grow. It’s fun!

P.S. Solopreneur & Entrepreneur – a note for you – your dining table is NOT your workspace! I mean really!

10 Awesome Heart-Themed Gifts

I know Valentine’s Day gifts doesn’t necessarily have to be love or heart-themed but this year I’m feeling especially corny (totally out of character, I know)! I’ve drummed up ten awesome locally available lurrve-inspired products that could make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone (that is, if you haven’t gone with our edible V-Day gift ideas). Actually, these quirky pieces would be great gifts no matter what the season… I wouldn’t mind receiving one or two myself!

{click on image to enlarge and view source}

{FREE} Valentine’s Day Printable Gift Tags


Look ye here – it’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day!! It is almost scary to see how quickly it has swung our way again!

Things were so hectic in this office at the end of last year that we were not in a position to participate in the Consol Glass competition for the Xmas E-Book (Boo Hoo).  But we had determined that since they had supplied us with a few interesting glass containers, we would put them to good use for our Valentine’s Day blog posts.

This year, Marica’s mind went in the direction of those yummy edible gifts – you know cupcakes, muffins, sweeties, nuts and even a peach pud. After all – were we not told of old that “the way to a man’s heart is via his stomach.”  And since we know that “glass adds class” – we think we have a winning combination.

However, that then is not the end of the story.  In fact, the true essence of this post is going to be these super, cool free printable tags that Marica designed.  We try as a rule to avoid what we think to be “cheesy or corny” Valentine’s Day ideas, by steering away from the anticipated red and white images.  But hey – these tags and their tag lines are just so cute, that we are going with being “cute cheesy” this year.   I personally love it and think Marica has done a sterling job with them. Particularly by making them accessible to our readers as printables – sharing the luv!

Oh My Gosh – if I carry on writing any further, I will embarrass myself with the cheesy clichés I am coming up with. So, enough already from me.  All that remains to be said – kudos to you Marica.

CALL TO ACTION – get printing; make yummy edibles, pop into glass containers – and – ENJOY YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY with whoever you choose to share it with.