Pinterest Picks - Beautiful Bathrooms

Pinterest Picks: Beautiful Bathrooms

Rose and I could not wait to get right onto the next instalment of our Pinterest Picks blog series. For those keeping track, this is our fourth Pinterest Picks post, having previously selected our favourite bedrooms, nooks & niches, and workspaces.

Just to remind you what this series is all about: we are in essence playing a little game of “I wish“, as in “I wish I had that interior” – be it lounge, bedroom, kitchen or anything in between. After spending some time perusing our various Pinterest boards, we each select our favourite interior image – the space we most desire to have as our own. We then explain exactly why we coveted that particular space and if there is anything we would like to change.

Naturally, we ended up choosing two “runner-up” interiors… because deciding on just one room is just too difficult!

This time around we decided to select our favourite images for our “Bathrooms” Pinterest board. The board is a collection of Design Monarchy‘s favourite and most beautiful bathroom finds – from quirky guest loo’s to masterful en-suites…

Without further ado, here are our top 3 nominations for the loveliest, most desirable bathrooms…Read More »

The Writing’s On The Wall

Don’t you just love this toilet wall cladding – vintage newspaper clippings wallpaper. No need to bring a book or a mag with you. Taken the Facebook action of “writing on my wall” to the next level. Graphics captured and designed  by one of regulars, photographer Cara Saven. Don’t you just love this concept of personalising a favourite collection into unique wall covering. Vicki Sleet of I Want That used her collection of maps to cover the wall of her bathroom.

What would you like to see on your toilet or bathroom wall? Tell us – I would be more than interested to know. I can tell you what mine would possibly be – I love and collect books. Plus I love thrillers. Fancy seeing my favourite authors, their books and the stories on the wall. Have to be big and bold lettering for moi.

Image via Cara Saven Photography