Let’s Keep Cape Town On The Map!

By Marica

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Congratulations Cape Town we did it! It was announced this morning at the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress in Taipei that Cape Town will be the World Design Capital for 2014! This is such a great honour and achievement for South Africa and I am SO immensely proud of the Cape Town Bid Committee, Creative Cape Town and all the other players that made this possible (ek kry sommer ‘n knop in my keel). I’m frantically waving the yellow flag today and super proud to be a Capetonian! Can’t wait for 2014 and the build-up to South African design awesomeness!

Image via http://www.votefortablemountain.com

Now, there is currently another very important voting process in progress – The New7Wonders of Nature and for those that do not know, Table Mountain is in the running. However, the current trends and statistics have shown that Table Mountain is falling behind in votes – a travesty we can not allow! Table Mountain is such a beautiful, awesome and extraordinary natural phenomenon and it’s inclusion in the New7Wonders of Nature can attract many a potential tourist to Cape Town and South Africa.

I read a report on Cape Info regarding the benefits and according to Grant Thornton, South Africa could benefit by R1.6 billion a year, equivalent to over US$ 1 billion for the first five years, if Table Mountain is chosen one of the Official New7Wonders of Nature. Tourism to Cape Town would increase by up to 20 percent annually, with 70 percent of the visitors expected to come from overseas. “This would support around 11,000 employment opportunities in South Africa,” the Grant Thornton report said. Amazing!

Image via http://www.votefortablemountain.com

Archbishop Desmond Tutu had earlier emphasized the importance of voting for Table Mountain by saying: “It is important that South Africa wins as it’s important for our psyche. And this vote is apolitical – Table Mountain belongs to us all – let’s show we can win. If we win, we will all have a spring in our step.”

The small town of De Rust has even thrown down the figurative voting gauntlet by challenging other small towns to do the same and beat their 600 + votes.

Image via Thomas Riley Photography

We too are challenging you – Table Mountain desperately need YOUR vote! Please, please cast your vote – only 15 days remain till the New7Wonders are announced. The New7Wonders will be announced on November 11, 2011 and we need your help to ensure our place in the history books. You can vote for Table mountain in the ways shown below, please comment on this post after you have voted to let us know – we hope to see A LOT of comments. Pass on this post to inform your friends – every vote counts! Let’s see how many comments we can get on this post before the 15th.

Vote for Table Mountain online,

via MXit

or via SMS as often as possible. SMS “Table” to 34874. Each SMS costs R2. 

You can also vote via Facebook.

 Check out the Vote for Table Mountain website: here.

Yellow Pride: Cape Town for World Design Capital 2014

By Marica

It was an exciting past week for the city of Cape Town as we received and entertained the World Design Capital organising committee. Rose and I have proudly been rooting Team Yellow since Cape Town entered their bid for World Design Capital 2014 in March of this year, and we were equally ecstatic when Cape Town (along with Bilbao, Spain and Dublin, Ireland) was announced as one of the three finalists in July (YAY!).

Table Mountain was all lit up in yellow this past week. Image via Cape Town 2014

For those you unaware of exactly what this big hoo-ha is about or how it can benefit us as South Africans – here is the skinny: The title of World Design Capital is awarded bi-annually by the ICSID (International Council for Societies of Industrial Design) to give international recognition to cities that use design for their social, economic and cultural development. Previous World Design Capitals include Torino, Italy in 2008; Seoul, South Korea in 2010 and Helsinki, Finland was elected as WD Capital for 2012.

Oe, I love this! Trees in Heerengracht wrapped in yellow. Image via Cape Town 2014

The CTWDC 2014 website specify that the World Design Capital title is awarded in advance to allow the winning city sufficient time to plan, develop and promote a year-long programme of design-related events for their designated year. With the bold motto: “Live Design. Transform Life”, Cape Town’s bid endeavours to be “proudly African”, with the end objective of achieving a “sustainable, inclusive and more liveable African city, rooted in the strengths of our people and communities”.

It makes me want to burst with Proudly South Africa spirit. Wear that badge, girl! Image via Cape Town 2014

Being “crowned” as a World Design Capital can also attract international investments & partnerships and can establish Cape Town as a popular tourist destination. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be view as a major global design force?!

Yellow banners to welcome the WDC committee to Cape Town. Image via Cape Town 2014

The winning city will be announced in October and until then Mzanzi, I urge you to wear those yellow badges with pride – support Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014 (I want to see some #wdc2014 Tweets, blogs and Facebook mentions). It’s all about enriching our community and making Cape Town a better place to live. Visit the Cape Town 2014 website for more info and some awesome articles and updates. I also noticed on Visi and Elle Decoration’s blog some awesome Cape Town WDC2014 pride, be sure to check it out.

Info and Images sourced from: Cape Town 2014 & World Design Capital