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Jazz Up Your Drawers

Why spend a fortune on custom made furniture when it’s so easy to personalise what you already have? In this clever DIY video, Tara from Better Homes and Gardens, illustrates  how easy it can be to transform a tired old chest of drawers into a mirrored Shabby Chic statement piece that will add that touch of glam to you space. Later on in the clip she also shows how, with just a lick of paint and some chevron patterns, you can contemporise a cheap pine dresser into something super trendy.

Décor Dictionary: Lime Wash

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Lime Wash: (or whitewash) is a traditional treatment for wood or masonry made from a slaked lime mixture. In recent years the traditional lime has been replaced by semi-transparent stains or diluted white paint as the favoured method of whitewashing. Matured lime wash gives wood an aged look – the finish is translucent, allowing the wood grain to show through. Furniture with a washed effect is often associated with French Cottage, Shabby Chic, and Coastal styles.

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Quick Tip #28: Armoire Turned Home Bar

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I absolutely love this idea…

#28  Transform an old armoire into a sophisticated home bar. With a few minor tweaks your unwanted armoire can easily be converted from clothes closet to a stylish cabinet to store your alcoholic beverages, decanters and glasses. Your new armoire bar will make for a stunning statement piece that can harmonize effortlessly with existing décor whilst the doors will allow you to keep the bar hidden until happy hour…

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