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My Gallery Wall Cornerstone & PRINT WILD GIVE-AWAY!

I have recently been toying with the idea of creating a beautiful gallery wall in my entrance hall – a framed photo collection of my family and loved ones to greet all guests who enter my home.

My eldest daughter, Kelly and her precious family live abroad in Finland. Fortunately, for my hubby and me, she likes to escape their harsh winter and like a bird migrates with her kids down South, back to sun, mama and papa.

A few years ago, during one such a vacation and  just before Claire, my youngest daughter and her family re-located to the Eastern Cape haven of St. Francis Bay, we decided that it was time to have those long outstanding professional family photos taken.

My gorgeous framed family photo that I received from printWild earlier this week! It’s big and beautiful – the perfect start to my gallery wall!

The images were awesome and there was one particular photo that I have been dying to have framed – it was going to be the big focal photo of my gallery wall. However, it had to be a special framing job as the image is a long rectangular one.

I stumbled across printWild (interesting name), a Durban-based online print / framing company. Since they promised to have my framed image with me within 7 – 9 days, I decided to go for this online purchase – something I have never done before.

When I tell you that the process was painlessly quick, I am not joking. The only time consuming part of the exercise was the time I had to take to decide upon the product. The actual ordering process – well if it took more than two minutes that was a lot.

Initially having to select from their vast range of products was a little daunting for me as they supply anything from canvas prints to custom printed wallpaper. However, as I explored their site, I found that they have supported their written product descriptions with videos. Being a very visual person (not a manual reader) this worked so well for me.

I made my choice – something they call a ‘contemporary white frame’ and selected my size, with a few special instructions of what I envisaged for this rectangular image.

The service was superb to say the least, because exactly 7 days after the order was placed, Father Xmas in July had sent his little Elf called Courier to my front door. I was so excited when I eventually managed to tear all the packaging material off to discover my wonderful family image staring back at me. The quality of the image and the frame – magic.

Now all that remains is for hubby to mount that on the designated wall and for all the visitors to coo over that stunning framed photo.

I gave printWild my positive feedback and mentioned that I intended to blog about it. Wait for it – there could be a Xmas in July for some lucky reader as well. They have offered us an R500.00 voucher to be redeemed against any online purchase from their site. Which means… GIVE AWAY TIME!

To enter and stand a chance WIN you must:

1) Comment on this post below by telling us who you are and what you would print / frame should you win the voucher (check out the printWild’s website to view all their awesome products)!

2) “Like” our Facebook page: here   AND   the printWild Facebook page: here

… additionally if you have Twitter you can also do the following…

Tweet this post and include @streaksahead @printwild (by the way…are you following us and printWild yet?)

Unfortunately only people residing in South Africa are eligible for this competition. We will announce the lucky winner on Monday, 6 August 2012 – so be sure to enter before then.

Lana of Lanalou Style visits The Tabloid

“Today we have the absolute pleasure of featuring as our guest blogger, none other than Cape Town’s own talented Lana Kenney. When we here at the Design Monarchy decided that we want to include a blog into our daily life as an interior design company, we naturally jumped onto the net to begin following other bloggers just to become part of this community. Lanalou Style was one of the first blogs that really caught our eye. I remember both Marica and I were so taken with this blog. And being “Proudly South African” – the fact that she is a Cape Townian was a bonus. Over the months of following her regular posts, I have so come to appreciate her talent as a photographer as well – all the images below are her own. Also, I am not known for my fashion sense, but thanks to Lana’s fashion posts, I have developed a better understanding of what it takes to put clothes together.

So, lets hear the drum roll folks – here’s Lana…”

Hi there, this is Lana from Lanalou Style and I’m delighted to be here on The Design Tabloid today. Thanks so much for inviting me over, Rose and Marica!

I started blogging as a way to keep busy during quiet times at work and as a creative outlet. Very quickly though, blogging became rather addictive and a way of life! The inspiration available online and blogging community is just incredible.

These days what I enjoy most about blogging is being able to discover great places in Cape Town and share these with my readers. I love taking photos of places and things that catch my eye whether it be a boutique, café, garden or Cape Town’s eccentricities. Being able to inspire my readers, both local and international, to discover Cape Town’s beauty makes me happy!

These are just a few pics from some of my travels around and about Cape Town, I hope you enjoy and that they inspire you to discover more of our amazing city!

Be sure to visit & subscribe to Lana’s AWESOME blog: Lanalou Style

Kate van Onselen Photography

Meet Joburg photographer, Kate van Onselen – she’s got an excellent eye for a good frame and brings a little enchantment and whimsical flair to each of her shots. Her blog and website is filled with pages of beautiful, inspirational photography – we just had to feature her and find out a little more…

Q:   How did you get into photography? 

A:   I have always been an artsy person, studying fine art throughout school and university so photography has always been something that I have been exposed to and interested in. It was more the theory that got me interested at first, I guess because we studied the masters and founders and understanding their motive and motivations got me interested in using photography as a form of expression. I first properly learned film photography at school and continued with it through to university, but that was very much experimental and not conscious. The first time I realised I wanted to take photography more seriously, was when I was in London in 2006.

Q:   Do you have a particular style and if so could you describe it? 

A:   I would say my style is honest and creative. I aim to show a different perspective with a high fashion approach and ultimately create images that have narrative. I wouldn’t say I follow trends in a conscious way, but obviously they influence my preferences at any time.

Q:   What sort of services do you offer? 

A:   I am a photographer and a graphic designer, I like that there is variance in my creative space. Photography is my passion, if you met me you would know what I mean. So I will consider any creative or photography project that comes my way.

Q:   What is your favoured subject matter? 

A:   I love photographing people, there’s something about capturing a moments emotion that is … something similar to addictive to me. In terms of ‘people genre’, I love fashion and editorial spreads (for the image narrative obviously), portraiture and weddings etc.

Q:   What inspires you?

A:   Lots of things: Fashion, interior décor/ design, Europe, travel, life, my friends and family, other artists and photographers: Annie Leibovitz, James Nachtwey, Anna Wolf, Nirrimi Hakanson, locally Sam Maber, Jacqui Bruniquel, Alix Rose Cowie and Amy Scheepers.

Q:   How would you describe your life’s philosophy?

A:   I try to live by one idea mainly, which is “Life is right now”. i.e live for right now, be happy right now, be the person you want to be right now, work toward what makes you and others happy right now, etc.

Q:   What is next to your bedside pedestal at the moment?

A:   There’s a lot at the moment …my lamp (I love it – my dad made the wooden base), my glasses case, my watch, my blackberry, a box of tissues, The Bang Bang Club, Eat Pray Love (both half read… seen both movies before I read the books now that I think of it), a pile of magazines (Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Jalouse, Marie Claire, Elle Decoration, Ideas Magazine) and a glass of water …

Q:   Could you share your Secret Indulgence with us?

A:   I’m not very good at being secret with anything… my Elle Decoration subscription, browsing the web (endlessly) for inspiration and shopping at flea markets and second hand shops for unique vintage finds.

Q:   In five years time …

A:   I am sure that I will look back and wonder where the last five years went.

Please do yourself a favour and check out Kate’s lovely blog: here and her website: here

You can also find this talented lady on Facebook and Twitter.

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