Quick Tip #50: Glass Storage Jars

Today we continue our “cool things to do with glass jars” Decor Quick Tip miniseries in which we focus on quick and easy ideas pertaining to the good ole fashioned Mason jar, a.k.a. Ball jar or Consol jar (as we call them in South Africa). If you have missed out on the first two tips in this series you can check them out: here & here.

#50  Looking for some counter-top storage ideas for your all your odds and ends? Just save some glass jars from the recycling bin to create your own pretty glass storage jars. All you will need is a few different sized glass jars (with lids), spray-paint, and then something to use as your jar’s knob or handle. It can be anything from pretty ceramic or crystal dresser knobs to quirky and cute plastic animals or miniature toys. These storage jars are perfect for a bathroom vanity or bedroom dresser, or use them to store stationery or sweets.

See a step-by-step DIY: here & here.

Vandag gaan ons voort met ons “cool dinge om met glasflesse te maak” Quick Tip miniseries. Die series fokus op vinnige en maklike idees met betrekking tot die outydse “Mason” flesse, ook bekend as Ball flesse of Consol flesse (soos ons dit hier in Suid-Afrika noem). Het jy ons eerste twee wenke van die series gemis? Gaan kyk na die wenke: hier & hier.

#50  Is jy op soek na ‘n paar slim bêre-idees vir al jou toonbank ditjies en datjies? Red ‘n paar glasflesse uit die herwin-drom om jou eie mooi glasfles bêrehouers te maak. Al wat jy nodig het is ‘n paar verskillende grootte glasflesse (met deksels), spuit-verf, en dan iets om te gebruik as jou houer se handvatsel. Dit kan mooi keramiek of kristal knoppe wees, of selfs oulike plastiek dieretjies of miniatuur speelgoed. Hierdie glashouers is ideaal vir jou badkamer kassie of slaapkamer spieëltafel. Of gebruik dit om skryfbehoeftes of lekkers te stoor.

Sien ‘n stap-vir-stap DIY: hier & hier.

Decor Quick Tip: Mason Glass Jar Candles

Quick Tip #49: Glass Jar Candles

It is time for our very first decorating Quick Tip of 2017! Today we continue our “cool things to do with glass jarsDecor Quick Tip miniseries in which we focus on quick and easy ideas pertaining to the good ole fashioned Mason jar, a.k.a. Ball jar or Consol jar (as we call them in South Africa). In case you missed out on the first tip in this series you can check out our “Glass Jar Soap Dispenser” tip: here.

#49  Forget paying a heap of cash in store for a fancy candle – why not get crafty and make your own? It is easier than you would think! A glass canning jar, also known as a “Mason” or “Consol” jar, would make for a perfect, vintage chic candle holder. Make a traditional wax candle by melting soy wax flakes and adding colour and scent oil to create a gorgeous scented candle. These would make beautiful gifts for loved ones! OR, keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay outside by creating citronella candles out of a glass jar, citronella lamp oil and torch wick.

See the step-by-step DIYs here: Something Turquoise & One Little Project.

Dit is tyd vir ons heel eerste Decor Quick Tip van 2017! Vandag gaan ons voort met ons “cool dinge om met glasflesse te maak” Quick Tip miniseries. Die series fokus op vinnige en maklike idees met betrekking tot die outydse “Mason” flesse, ook bekend as Ball flesse of Consol flesse (soos ons dit hier in Suid-Afrika noem). Het jy ons eerste wenk van die series gemis? Lees ons “Glasfles Seepspuitbottel” wenk: hier.

#49 Vergeet van daai duur kerse wat mens in die winkel kry – wees slim en maak jou eie! Dit is makliker as wat jy sou dink! ‘n Glas inmaakfles, ook bekend as ‘n “Mason” of “Consol” fles, sal die perfekte vintage-chic kershouer maak. Maak ‘n tradisionele waskers deur sojawas te smelt en dan kleursel en geurolie bytevoeg om ‘n pragtige en geurige kers te skep. Die kerse sal ook mooi geskenke maak! OF, hou daai irriterende muskiete weg deurn sitronellakers uit ‘n glasfles, sitronellalampolie en fakkelpit te maak.

Sien die stap-vir-stap DIY idees hier: Something Turquoise & One Little Project.

Glass Jar Soap Dispenser

Quick Tip #48: Glass Jar Soap Dispenser

Last month we finished the last of our Quick Tips about interesting things to do with the humble clothes hanger. So it is high time for another! A couple of weeks ago I spotted a cute Nifty video about things to do with glass jars and immediately thought that would make for an excellent new Décor Quick Tip mini series. So without further ado here is the very first Quick Tip about cool things to do with Mason jars, Ball jars or Consol jars (as we call them in South Africa)…

#48 Forget grimy bars of soap or generic plastic hand soap dispensers that get tossed in the bin. Why not make your very own stylish and sleek soap dispenser from an ordinary glass jar. All you need is glass canning jar, also known as a “Mason” or “Consol” jar, and a salvaged pump nozzle from a discarded soap dispenser. Cut an appropriate sized hole in the metal lid of the jar and insert the pump nozzle. Now just fill the jar with your favourite hand soap for the bathroom or dish soap for the kitchen!

See a step-by-step DIY: here & here.

Verlede maand het ons die laaste van ons vinnige wenke oor interessante dinge om met die nederige klerehanger te doen gedeel. Dit is dus hoogtyd vir nog een! ‘n Paar weke terug het ek ‘n oulike Nifty video gesien oor glasflesse en wat mens als met hulle kan maak. Ek het dadelik gedink dit sou ‘n uitstekende nuwe Décor Quick Tip mini-reeks maak. So hier is die heel eerste Quick Tip oor koel dinge wat mens  met “Mason”, “Ball” of “Consol” flesse (soos ons dit hier in Suid-Afrika noem) kan doen…

#48 Vergeet vuil koekies seep of generiese plastiek handseep spuitbottel (“dispenser”) wat net in die drom beland. Maak jy jou eie stylvolle en elegante seepbottel van ‘n gewone glasfles. Al wat jy nodig het is ‘n glas inmaakfles, ook bekend as ‘n “Mason” of “Consol” fles en ‘n pompaksie spuitkop van ‘n weggegooi seepbottel. Sny ‘n gat in die metaaldeksel van die fles en druk die spuitkop daar deur. Vul die fles met jou gunsteling handseep vir die badkamer of skottelgoedseep vir die kombuis!

Sien ‘n stap-vir-stap DIY: hier & hier.

It’s Good. It’s In Glass. Consol’s SUPER Solar Jar!

“When form meets function” is the best way to describe the newly launched Consol Solar Jar. This solar powered light, a safe energy alternative, offers almost six hours of light before needing to be recharged in the sun. The magic is that it is “light in a jar”, a safe Consol classic jar at that – remember the jar that Gran’s preservative jams were kept in – well those!

Many South Africans are without an electricity supply and Consol recognised the opportunity to provide an alternative solution to this most basic need. In addition, the inconsistent power supply to many households suggests that all households require another source of light; a back-up light supply. Consol thought it apt to supply South Africa with a different, safe choice – one that can extend further than daily use into the areas of decor and camping.

From a sustainability point of view – being glass it is 100% recyclable plus on average each Consol glass container consists of 35% recycled content. Another sustainablity plus – the lid mechanism of the jar has been fitted with solar powered LED lights. The top boasts solar panelling that, when placed in the sunlight, can power the LED batteries. Each jar has a “switch” for on/off purposes – a very clever design actually. But don’t fear – instructions for use are near – each jar has them.

We were given one to test drive. I managed to find very practical use for it while my daughter was visiting during the hols, as a night light for the children when sleeping. The light is low enough not to disturb them. And then, I used it as mood/ambient lighting on the patio table one evening. But Marica will take you down the road of the decor opportunities she created with it…

Upon first receiving this little glass beauty, we immediately envisioned a smashing variety of  ways we could style it. It’s perfect for creating a little intimate mood/ambience when entertaining outdoors. Imagine a bunch of them hanging from a tree, underneath a romantic picnic setting with you and your loved one. They make beautiful centrepieces for that patio dinner table or around the braai area. The sky us the limit, you just need a little imagination! We had quite a ball styling these Consol Solar Jars! Here is a handful of  ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

1) A found a paper bag with a beautiful vintage sketch on it (I fondly refer to it as “the wax paper lady”). I cut it out and stuck it into the jar – the result…GORGEOUS! It was by far one of my favourites. Simply beautiful, especially when lit up.

2) Keep it simple. Use some flower petals or buds like these beautiful pink bougainvilla blooms.

3) Create a little time capsule – find old photos, letters or other sentimental treasures and insert it into your jar for a whimsy trip down memory lane. Imagine having a few of these as wedding anniversary decoration – filled with memories of your years spend together. Or even at that big family reunion/braai proudly displaying your families history and heroes in a clever decorative way.

4) Plant one or two suitable greenery, maybe even herbs, in your jar and voila – a miniature greenhouse / terrarium! I actually in the process of creating several of these little terrariums jars at home – they look stunning on your coffee/bedside table!

5) In keeping with Valentine’s Day I made this little “love jar”! Use romantic wrapping paper, or other prints. You can even print something from your computer and stuff that in the jar. Just make sure that your design either has a white base or is not too thick otherwise it will hinder light transmittance.

6) Find some colourful & sparkly beads and buttons and string it inside your jar. I actually used a two necklaces.

7) Bundle different kinds of colourful organza ribbons and lace into the jar – it emits a beautiful colourful glow.

See the detailed images of the jars in the slideshow below…

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Where can you get this LIGHT JAR – for those in Gauteng go to Consol retail outlets in Woodmead and for those of us lucky beggars who live in Cape Town, it can be found in Stellenbosch – check out their website if you want more details or go to their FB page.

The cost – ZAR120.00 each. A total steal!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Photography: Laurita Smal