Our Local Blogging Community

You know, so many people have so many opinions to give when it comes to social media and our involvement in it.  I am sure that you must often encounter the same conflicting takes from your friends and family members that I do.  Some love it, enjoy the interaction, the connectedness, deriving a great deal of pleasure from portals such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogs.  Others just find it far to invasive – probably speaking more about Facebook. Then, there are those of my generation who just simply think that this stuff is gobbledegook – something that was foisted upon us by alien invaders.  Just too out there!!  I must say, just thinking about all the various reactions, cracks a smile on my face.  I mean, why on earth are we still having so many varied reactions to the Social Media.  It is well and truly entrenched into the fibre of our societal interaction.  It should not even be a topic of discussion any more.  Think about it – do we still discuss the pros and cons of a microwave, a computer or any other tech apparatus that has become part and parcel of modern living?

Having said of that – my take is obvious.  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the social media communities that are out there.  Yes, I am selective in the ones I am actively busy with, but that I feel is how we should manage our social media profiles.  And when I think of the friendship that I have made online with those within our blogging community, I cannot help but smile.

The Design Tabloid was launched properly and actively in 2011.  During the course of the last three years, I have come to know a few regulars via our online presence – connecting with bloggers even one step further via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Even though we may only have encountered each other once or twice in person, some closely, some in passing at an event –  I know that I have developed a friendship with them.  One that I feel safe in – could be due to the fact that it is from a distance and has a certain safety factor coded into it as such.  But, we have walked along side each other over the years and I have enjoyed watching their lives unfold.  Much like I would enjoy watching the life of a personal friend, or colleague, or network member unfold.  I think they rock as much as their blogs rock.

The  few  local (die-hard) bloggers I am referring to are the likes of Vicki Sleet of “I Want That“; Kim Gray of “Kim Gray Lifestyle“; Lana of “Lanalou Style“; lovely Leila Fanner of “Leila Fanner Studio“; Lelanie Slater with her “Of Beauty and Love” blog and, as of today, the proud owner of Ampersand Social Stationery an online stationary shop (whoop whoop) and Kathryn Rossiter of “Becoming You“.

Then there were some other really lovely people that we encountered in the early stages as well, who for reasons of their own have had to reduce their blogging activity.  Such a pity because they were  awesome people, but family and work commitment did not afford them the opportunity of staying online as bloggers. Gals such as Idonette, Kim Stephens and to a lesser degree Bianca Packam. Miss you gals and hope that once your lives and families have settled a bit, that you will make a comeback into the blogger-sphere.

My question here to other bloggers is this:  have you too developed friendships within your blogging communities?  Have you managed to find friendships via social media online avenues?  Hope so.

‘I WAS HERE’ Movement

Look around you at this time of the year. Many magazines, blog and whoever, is out there being touched by Spring Fever. What are they talking about – getting rid of your winter blues by de-cluttering and spring-cleaning, with the view of making way for the hot summer days.

When I was writing for the City Mag as their décor editor, it was something that I had to address as well. At first, I was a bit stumped by what to write about, that had not been tackled before. I mean, spring-cleaning is spring-cleaning.

Needless to say, I was happy that it was not an expectation from me this year. However, in the meantime something else along those lines has come across my path. Last weekend Kim Gray posted an article on her blog titled “I WAS HERE”. In it she featured a video clip of a Beyoncé song produced for The United Nations World Humanitarian Day titled “I was here”. I was deeply moved by the words of this song, because it just resonates with all that is within me concerning making my little mark in the world.

To quote Kim: “For years my husband and I have wanted to get involved in some sort of charity work – not quite finding the right thing. It’s been bugging us that we’re not giving back.” Seems she has found a niche now…

In the article she speaks of “editing her wardrobe, make up, perfumes, etc. regularly with a view of donating to the not-so-fortunate peeps beyond her personal borders. I loved that term – editing – probably a far nicer way of saying ‘spring-cleaned or de-cluttered’. She is challenging her readers to do one good deed for someone else and in turn, she will be rewarding some lucky reader with a super doper hamper. Be sure to check it out: here.

The World Humanitarian Day ‘I WAS HERE’ website gives a few helpful examples on what you can do to help.

But in the meantime, instead of writing the proverbial ‘spring-cleaning’ article I have decided that since this type of paying-it-forward and giving to others is something so close to my heart, I would like to add my voice to Kim’s as she pushes forward with her “I WAS HERE MOVEMENT”.

Why not join us. Take the time to go to your wardrobe and dressing table, bathroom cabinet, linen and kitchen cupboard, books, homeware – wherever, whatever. EDIT out what you don’t need any longer, use any longer and all excess goodies. If you are a crafter or work with wool, fabric or any material, you might want to include any excess materials into the ‘editing’ process. I do it often with the fabrics that we have in our office. So many organisations are in desperate need of materials for their crafters.  

Get a nice sturdy box and pop it all in there. Mark it with the name of your favourite charity organisation or local church / mosque (if you don’t have one, now might be a good time to adopt one – take a common one if you must). Call them and I’m pretty sure that they will send someone around to collect your charity box in no time. Those that I have dealt with in the past never cease to surprise me with their willingness to collect. It is so good for your soul and for those to whom you are giving. Besides for the ‘feel good’ energy that you are left with, de-cluttering is also very good Feng Shui.

Cape Talk 567 Radio and LeadSA are other “I WAS HERE” type movements. Let’s join forces with all these folks and make our mark, as small as it may be.

I would love to hear back from you on this score. Tell me what you have done in the past. What you intend doing or are doing right now. Be it the ‘editing’ exercise, giving or simply supporting someone in need in some form or fashion. I know we don’t like to bleat about our own charity drives, but hey it is all about being a community and as such we encourage one another. Please don’t be shy!

HAPPY EDITING PEEPS! Remember, like Nike – “JUST DO IT!” In fact go one better – “Just do it, NOW!

Yours in service of Interiors 🙂