Quick Tip #41: Painting Hack – Wax To Distress!

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Here is another time and effort saving tip in our “Painting Hack” Quick Tip series. Prominent Paints shared this clever concept on facebook page and we just love it!

#41 Want to add a distressed Shabby Chic element to a piece of furniture? Rub a white candle over the areas you want the wood to show through. The wax makes the top coat of paint peel off with ease. Gently brush away the excess wax. Now paint your item. Use moist wipes to wipe away the paint in the areas you applied candle wax to.

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Age Wood With Vinegar

Quick Tip #15: Age Wood With Vinegar

Age Wood With Vinegar

This awesome little DIY tip I picked up via Pinterest is reminiscent of one of our very first décor Quick Tips which was “Stain Your Wood With Coffee.” It’s easy, affordable and eco-friendly… but it might be a little smelly. A mixture of vinegar, steel wool & tea causes a chemical reaction which aids the natural oxidation of the timber, the result – weathered wood! Science meets décor!

#15  An easy way to age or distress unsealed / unvarnished wood is to use a combination of vinegar, steel wool & tea. Tear up some fine-grade steel wool and throw it in a glass jar, fill the jar 3/4 way with apple cider vinegar. Close the jar and let the mixture mellow for a minimum of 24 hours (the longer it sits the darker the stain). Next, brew a pot of tea and add brush the tea unto your well-sanded wood. When the tea has dried, paint the vinegar mixture onto the wood. 

See the Step-by-Step Tutorial: here

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