Décor Dictionary: Graphic Art

Since graphic prints in all forms, shapes and colours are currently so hot, hot, HOT we asked talented local graphic designer Bianca from The Tailored Life to hammer down a definition for us:

Graphic Art: is a broad term encompassing mainly two dimensional artwork created on a computer. Graphic artists or designers typically use design software to create this graphic art. Graphic artworks regularly feature abstract shapes, typography and illustrations manipulated by the artist. The artwork is generally reproduced through litho, digital or screen printing onto textiles like paper, fabric and vinyl. Because graphic art is easily reproduced it is more affordable and therefore accessible to new art collectors.

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” print is an example of a popular graphic artwork. While the original posters were created by the British government in 1939, the famous quote and poster has recently been reproduced by graphic artists in a plethora of variations and spin-offs.

Be sure to check out Bianca’s inspiring blog (it’s one of our favourites): The Tailored Life.

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