Get The Look: Industrial Home Bar

Get This Look: Industrial Home Bar

By Marica

Get The Look: Industrial Home Bar

After last month’s Trend Alert post about black metal we thought to put together a little “Get The Look” article featuring a prominent black metal item just to illustrate how edgy and striking this interior trend is.

I found this super cool and beautifully styled industrial setup on Stylizimo. It is from the gorgeous Scandinavian home of blogger, artist and all round interior design enthusiast, Nina Holst. Nina created this space to serve as additional storage in her dining area. I took one look at the metal cabinet and the glasses inside it and thought: “that would make one sleek sexy Industrial-style bar cabinet for your home!” Just add decanters and wine bottles on top of the cabinet and store all you glasses and cocktail making goodies inside. 

Making this Industrial-styled bar cabinet scene your own is quite easy. Here is the furniture and décor items you will need to achieve this look:


1. This large elegant glass bell jar with wooden base can be a beautiful decorative feature – just place a succulent or small ornament inside.  |  {where to buy: @Home}

2. I adore this broody portrait of “Mrs Mia Wallace” by talented Londen-based illustrator Ruben Ireland. It can be purchased online – either framed or unframed – but I would definitely go for a gorgeous black box frame.  |  {where to buy: Superbalist}

3. This edgy fine art print of an original watercolour skull by artist Jessica Rowe will add the trendy focal point needed to make this space unforgettable.  |  {where to buy: Superbalist}

4. The monochromatic setup needs a bit of greenery to break the monotony. A succulent is a good low-maintenance choice. Although plastic greenery is definitely second prize, those with who struggle to keep anything green alive can opt for a artificial plant like this one. At least the paint-dipped concrete planter is pretty cool!  |  {where to buy: Mr Price Home}

5. The most important element in achieving this interior look is the striking black metal industrial cabinet. I could not believe my luck when I found something similar locally!  |  {where to buy: @Home}

6. ADD THIS: Glass terrariums are all the rage! This beautiful diamond-shaped terrarium with its lead-trimmed glass panes will fit this industrial home bar scene like a glove.  |  {where to buy: Down2Earth}

7. If you want to add a bit of understated glitz to your bar cabinet, exchange the white tray for this gold one. Remember trays are excellent tools to create successful decor vignettes or to keep your clutter organised. Pop your collection of liquor bottles and decanters on the tray to take this drinks cabinet to the next level.  |  {where to buy: H&M}


Get This Look: Sunny Bedroom


We have had some awesome feedback on the bed we styled for the Sanders #InBedWithBloggers campaign (you can read more about it here).

As promised, here is our Get the Look article with descriptions and links to all the items we used in this “Sunny Bedroom”. Now you too can get this look, here is what you will need…

Get The Look:

1:  The key element to this look’s success is the stunning watercolour design cushion covers from Touchee FeeleeWe selected the Springbok, Savanna, The African, and Black Herringbone cushion covers for the bed.

2:  The foundation of any well-dressed bed is good basic linen. To cool the sunny yellow and serve as contrast, we chose various linen in white and shades of grey from the Sanders range.

3: The Portable Pendant light in yellow with Squirrel Cage Vintage Filament Bulb and Brass Lamp Cage from Hoi P’loy added a bit of vintage quirk to our bedroom setup.

4 & 5:  The Yellow and Black Eames-inspired chair with Eiffel-style legs are from Robert Thomson Furniture. We used the yellow chair as a bedside table and the black at the foot of the bed.

6:  What’s better than scatter cushions? MORE scatter cushions! We stacked more Touchee Feelee scatters at the foot of the bed for added interest. Here you see the Sunshine Yellow Striped cover and the Black Herringbone cover.

7:  One of my absolute favourite items in this Get The Look is the Walnut & Brass Bureau Lamp from Hoi P’loy. It’s form takes inspiration from some of Thomas Edison’s early original lamp designs.

8:  This trendy overnight Barrel bag from Hertex Fabrics adds an extra dimension to the bed. The smoky tie-dye like design is called “Psychedelic – Strata”.

9:  A casually draped yellow throw is a must for this look. When our search for the perfect yellow throw came up short, we subsituted one of Sanders‘ gorgeous Jersey Fitted Sheets as makeshift throw.

10:  We rounded off our bedroom with this trendy Scandinavian-inspired Swiss Cross Rug in white from Robert Thomson Furniture.

Get This Look: Bohemian

By MaricaThe Design Tabloid - Get the Look - Bohemian Interior


To conclude our recent posts on Bohemianism, both as a movement and as an interior style, we thought to put together a little style “starter kit”.

Here are a dozen furniture and décor items that will give you that Bohemian look:


1. This distressed vintage Indian almirah, or cabinet, will be the focal point of any Bohemian interior. The gorgeous pop of jewel blue will contribute to the much-needed Bohemian colour quota.  |  {where to buy: Weylandts}

2. A bit of mood lighting is in order – this metal Moroccan lantern would be perfect. Hang it from the ceiling or group a couple on the floor or coffee table.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

3. Add a bit of Bohemian elegance with this brass and dimpled glass pendant light. Hang them in a small cluster at different heights.  |  {where to buy: Weylandts}

4. Bold vintage Kilim scatter cushion. This beautiful example is from Le Soux, however you can find something just as stunning at locally at Moroccan Warehouse in the Cape Town CBD.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

5. Use this shaggy handwoven scatter cushion to add a bit of texture to your room.  |  {where to buy: Mr Price Home}

6. This eye-catching scatter cushion, with its woven and knotted ribbon stripes, tie the colours of all the various décor elements together and provides added texture.  |  {where to buy: Woolworths}

7. Add a measure of playfulness to your cushion collection with this fun and colourful tassel scatter cushion.  |  {where to buy: Woolworths}

8. Another colourful vintage Kilim cushion, this one is from Leif, but Moroccan Warehouse will be able to hook you up with something similar.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

9 & 10. Any Bohemian interior worth its salt should have more than one rug. These beautiful vintage Berber rugs from Moroccan Atlas Mountains will provide loads of colour, texture & pattern. Remember to layer your rugs!  |  {where to buy: Fibre Designs}

11. Now what would a Bohemian space be without a Moroccan leather pouffe?! You can get these in almost any colour under the sun.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

12. Handwoven from abacá – a type of banana leaf – this beautiful stool will add another layer of texture and interest to you Bohemian décor.  |  {where to buy: Weylandts}

Just a quick P.S…

Not to long ago we enlisted the services of Fibre Designs during one of our recent interior design projects. We had found the perfect rug for the space and budget, but it was too big. That can be quite disheartening. Our rug specialist Bev Walters referred us to Fibre Designs as rug repairs and alterations (including that of speciality rugs) are part of their services. They did a sterling job of reducing the size, while still retaining the flow of the pattern on the rug. This is such a rare service we felt we had to share it with you. 


Get This Look: Peachy Pink Nursery

By Marica

Get The Decor Look: Peachy Pink Nursery with exposed brick wall & tassel garland | via The Design Tabloid

When I spotted the image of this gorgeous nursery, belonging to Chicago Fire’s midfielder Logan Pause and his lovely family, a couple of years back I immediately fell in love with it. It is beautifully balanced and not too over the top as I find most nurseries to be. I also adore the mix of pattern and texture – the amazing exposed brickwork adds so much character. The nursery’s neutral backdrop makes for a calm and fresh room with just a hint of punchy peach and pink colour. The overall look is soft, feminine and elegant – the perfect room for a baby girl!


1. If you are not lucky enough to have a beautiful exposed brick wall in your home, why not fake it with this brick wallpaper from Robin Sprong.

2. This tassel garland could be a cool weekend DIY project. If however you have 10 thumbs and no time you can buy paper tassel garland online through My Cherry Blossom.

3. Love the contemporary lines of this natural rubber wood cot available from Mamas & Papas.

4. ADD THIS: Every nursery needs a whimsical artwork or two! This adorable hot air balloon illustration from Mono.

5. What is a nursery without a rocking chair? Inspired by Charles Eames’ RAR Rocking Chair, the Ray Rocking Chair is available from Weylandts.

6. The MANDAL Chest of Drawers can be purchased through Nevada Furniture, South Africa’s Ikea importer.

7. This gold Moroccan pouffe adds just the right amount of glam and dimension to this little girl’s nursery. You can purchase these at Moroccan Warehouse in the Cape Town CBD.

8. This gorgeous geometric wool rug is available at Herringbone.


The PERFECT Summer Holiday Reading Nook

By Marica

Guys and Gals, I can’t tell you how excited I am for our December holiday break! It’s been quite an inspired year and Rose and I have been working super dooper hard. We honestly need some chillaxing, put-your-feet-up time.

You know what activity I’m most looking forward to this holiday (other than doing the bare minimum and eating myself into sweet oblivion over Christmas)? READING!! I can’t wait to catch up on some good reads – the must-read books have been stacking up.

We recently conceptualized a cosy under-the-stairs reading nook for one of clients. That of course made me yearn for a little reading sanctuary to call my own. I wondered… what would my ideal reading nook entail? So here you go – my perfect reading nook. And since Capetonian Decembers are always cooking hot – my nook has got a distinct fresh summery vibe!


1. Well, of course you are going to need a place to stow your favourite books – I love the idea of wall boxes as they free up some floor space. These solid oak “Loft Boxes” are from Weylandts. {HINT: If you want to add a tad of quirky colour to your space consider painting the back of your wall box / wall in different colours like I have illustrated above…}

2. Every reading nook needs some good direct lighting, be it a desk lamp or standing lamp. This super cool faceted Foscarini by Diesel “Rock” standing lamp is available through Crema Design.

3. I adore this small storage box with bunting design on the lid – perfect for storing mementos and treasures. You can find this box at @Home.

4. What about a beautiful piece of art to look at whilst contemplating your next read. This beautiful framed print by Victoria Verbaan is available online through

5. You are going to need this lovely paint-dipped stoneware canister from Woolworths to store some sweeties in – time flies when you are reading, don’t want the blood sugar to get low.

6. Comfy chair to snuggle into with your book – check! This retro beauty is from Weylandts. You are also going to need a cushion for a bit of lumbar support – this yellow geo cushion is from @Home.

7. I LOVE this quirky Scandi-inspired pencil leg side table – also available from Weylandts. Furthermore, I think the “pencil” theme is totally appropriate for a reading (or journalling) nook!

8. Get into the “reading pose” – put your feet up. This beautiful cotton rope pouffe by Pomme Pomme, available through Mono, is just the thing!

9. Now add a rug – like this trendy geometric number from @Home. #NoShoesRequired


Get This Look: Nordic Living Room

By Marica

Get This Look - Nordic Living Room {The DesignTabloid}

We’ve pinned the inspiration image used in this Get The Look to our living room board many many moons ago… and I still love it as much as the day I first pinned it. This quirky lounge setup is from the home of Edina Sæther, author of the blog Nordic Leaves. Edina regularly takes her readers on a bit of a home tour – posting gorgeous shots of her home’s ever-changing interior. Over the past couple of years she has played with different décor accessories and elements, however the configuration above remains my hot favourite. I adore the bold black, white and grey colour scheme of this fresh lounge – with that lovely splash of colour of course! The scatters, fur throw and knitted pouffe also adds loads of interest and texture. It is for this reason that this little lounge makes for a great local Get The Look. If you live in South Africa and would love to emulate Edina’s perfect little lounge, see below…


1. Asian- inspired scatter cushion cover from Woolworths.

2. Love this knit geometric scatter cushion in a mix of bold and pastel hues, also from Woolworths.

3. Chenille jacquard scatter cushion with monochrome triangle pattern available from Mr Price Home.

4. Inky black & white rectangular cushion featuring a slight urban design, from Mezzanine.

5. A reproduction of Rebecca Puig’s original artwork featuring the words of John Lennon – framed in recycled grey wood, available via Weylandts.

6. Inspired by Charles Eames’ RAR Rocking Chair, the Ray Rocking Chair is also available from Weylandts.

7. The Gräshoppa floor lamp designed by Greta Grossman available through Crema Design.

8. Savoy Daybed Sofa from Weylandts.

9. Love this woven pouffe-y thing from Woolworths – it’s called the Clio Pod.

10. This Danish designed Tablo coffee table from Normann Copenhagen, available through Entrepo, is cute & quirky.