Ask Décor Diva: Renovating Bedroom Cupboards?

Décor Diva dishes some advice…

Madeleine asks:

Hello Décor Diva, I have bedroom cupboards with a horrible coating of fake wood over them. How can I renovate them, to make them modern looking?”

Décor Diva says:

The ‘fake wood‘ as you put it, may well be what we would term a ‘wood veneer‘ finish. Or even some sort of Formica / Melamine finish – which has more of that appearance of being fake.

If it is a veneer finish (which is actually very thin layers of real wood laminated onto a chipboard) then it would be possible to actually spray paint over that veneer finish. You will however still be able to see the grain of the wood. Spray-painting is best done by someone who does that for a living and has the right equipment.

If it is the Formica finish, then you will not really be able to spray-paint (“duco” being the other term for it) over that finish. There are ways of going about it, but it is a very tedious and expensive process.

The other option open to you would be to simply replace the cupboard doors with new doors, more in keeping with your choice. If your cupboard’s basic framework / carcass is still good, then it might be a viable option to consider. You may want to get a quote for the spray painted finish, as well as replacing the doors. The chances are that they may be pretty close, in which case new doors make better sense. More often than not, the costs will help you make the decision.

Hope that helps you along the way with your décor dilemma.

Love, Rose  x x x

Ask Décor Diva: Ideal Cushion Arrangement?

Raylene recently contacted The Design Tabloid to ask our resident Décor Diva some advice…

Raylene asks:

I have two 2-seater neutral sofa’s and 2 wing-back chairs in my living room. I have bought new scatter cushions: a few striped, a few coordinating florals and a few plain.

My question is should the cushion arrangement be exactly the same on both the sofa’s or can I simply mix-and-match?

Décor Diva says:

I would say go the mix-and-match route.  You don’t want your décor to look like ‘paint-by-numbers‘.

Were I to be present there with you, I would probably play around a bit and have fun doing it. I would fiddle with the cushions as I mixed them up, until I hit a combination that I felt satisfied with. Then in all probability, in about a fortnight’s time I would fiddle again. That is the total beauty of scatter cushions. Just adopt a playful attitude and you will find a combination that will sit well with you. Even if in the end it does pan out that you landed up with the same arrangement on all the seats. At least you know that you went through the process of elimination.

Enjoy the process.

Love, Rose  x x x

Design Titbit:

If you have a neutral or plain sofa like Raylene it is a good idea to have a complementing and well-balanced selection of plain, striped and patterned cushions. It adds interest and dimension to an otherwise boring space. Just a fair warning to not over do it – cushion are supposed to aid comfort and a sofa swimming in scatters are more of an irritant then anything else. 

Image – Linen House SA: here