Damask is Dead

Damask is dead…so sayeth the Décor Diva.

A couple of years ago, while working on the bedroom schemes of some of the Irish hotel’s 5 star bedrooms, I was found OOHH-ing and AHH–ing over any damask pattern fabric or wallpaper that came across my path.  That had started back in 2005/06 for me and most other decorators. Damask had made its return to the textile scene and I loved it.

However, my client would have none of it – she did not want to see another damask pattern, declaring that to her Damask had been there and done it. It could be found in most Irish retail outlets, in the form of curtains, cushions, wallpapers and the more.

I looked at her like she had completely missed it, but she was the client.  So we went down another route.

Today I am where she was at that time (5 years ago – talk about Europe being ahead of us).

All I want to cry out is: “ENOUGH ALREADY – DAMASK IS DEAD – been there, done it, got the T-Shirt and all and all and all. Damask as we know it – No more please”.

What may you say provoked this response?  Actually truth be known I have known that Damask was out of the trend spotlight for sometime now, but recently while paging through wallpaper and fabric books, I once again came across damask patterns, I had to give expression the truth.  (Do you ever form a picture in your head? The picture of damask I have in my head is that of one old lady – shrivelled with age with one foot in the grave and the other halfway there).

Let it be known – Damask is done.  Let’s embrace the current trends, albeit a revival of heritage and nostalgia.  Let’s go with the stripes, the vibrant colours, the locally designed textiles that come from fabric houses such as Lula Fabrics, So Kiff, the Design Team, Skinny laMinx and plenty of other.   If you are still holding onto Hollywood Glamour, then at least combine it with that which is natural.  Such a cool look as well.

If someone wants to rescue that Old Lady Damask from the grave, then they had better grab her quickly, give her some natural cloth and trendy bright colours.

Let’s hear how you feel.