Décor Dictionary: Prêt-à-porter & Bespoke

After our feature on Box Living and their prêt-à-porter collection, Snap, I thought it a good opportunity to explain this specific term and also its décor counterpart, “bespoke”… 

This Boardmans store is an excellent example of "Prêt-à-porter" or "Off-the-floor" furniture & décor items.

Prêt-à-porter:   is actually a term often used in the fashion design and retail industry meaning “ready-to-wear” or “off-the-rack”. When using this term in relation to décor, usually furniture, it indicates that the particular collection or item is not a custom-made item (i.e. something that is going to take 6 weeks to manufacture) but a ready-made, off the floor item that can be purchased straight away.

These "bespoke" chairs were custom-made by Moorgas & Sons

Bespoke:   is the British word for “custom” – it is also a term you will often hear in relation to furniture. This means to order a furniture piece individual and specific to your requirements and taste. Custom-made furniture usually takes a handful of weeks to manufacture.

Boardmans image via Elle Decoration.

Moorgas & Sons image via their website.