Consol Glass Christmas Inspiration

Last week the PR Company for Consol Glass published their very latest eBook. One such landed in my email. Well to coin one of my many favourite clichés – Oh my goodness gracious me! It is seriously loaded with a ton of very inspirational images and ideas.  Ideas that will have your heart pumping, your hands and feet itching to get going to make it your own. If you are anything like me – well – your brain will get so stimulated that it feels like information overload. They have taken from their range of Consol glass containers and presented gob-smacking images of fabulous stuff.

We could not help but to share it with our readers. In the spirit of Christmas, we have selected from the Festive Season chapter because again, if you are anything like me – still plenty to be done for Christmas.  I have to get my head around the whole Christmas gifts and décor stuff.  But, I have been inspired to use glass wherever possible. To quote Consol’s eBook – “allow the allure of glass to add style to your celebrations”.  Yip – that is what I am hoping to achieve with gifts, table décor, general décor and I might even get around to some of those tasty looking cocktails.

The few images we are sharing here are only there to whet your appetite for more. Check out the Christmas section (Chapter 6) of Consol’s eBook: here.

But please – don’t stop at that chapter. I would highly recommend that you nip over to view the entire eBook: here

P.S. – you will notice that talented local bloggers took part in the compilation of the eBook’s inspirational images, with credit  given to them at the bottom of each page as well as at the back of the book. Sadly, you will hopefully also notice that our blog is missing (says she sobbing away)! But there is a good reason for that – at the time the invitation came, we were deep in the throes of working towards a project deadline and could not tear ourselves away from it.  BUT – stayed tuned guys and dolls, because we here at The Design Tabloid have something up our sleeve for 2014 with Consol Glass products.

It’s Good. It’s In Glass. Consol’s SUPER Solar Jar!

“When form meets function” is the best way to describe the newly launched Consol Solar Jar. This solar powered light, a safe energy alternative, offers almost six hours of light before needing to be recharged in the sun. The magic is that it is “light in a jar”, a safe Consol classic jar at that – remember the jar that Gran’s preservative jams were kept in – well those!

Many South Africans are without an electricity supply and Consol recognised the opportunity to provide an alternative solution to this most basic need. In addition, the inconsistent power supply to many households suggests that all households require another source of light; a back-up light supply. Consol thought it apt to supply South Africa with a different, safe choice – one that can extend further than daily use into the areas of decor and camping.

From a sustainability point of view – being glass it is 100% recyclable plus on average each Consol glass container consists of 35% recycled content. Another sustainablity plus – the lid mechanism of the jar has been fitted with solar powered LED lights. The top boasts solar panelling that, when placed in the sunlight, can power the LED batteries. Each jar has a “switch” for on/off purposes – a very clever design actually. But don’t fear – instructions for use are near – each jar has them.

We were given one to test drive. I managed to find very practical use for it while my daughter was visiting during the hols, as a night light for the children when sleeping. The light is low enough not to disturb them. And then, I used it as mood/ambient lighting on the patio table one evening. But Marica will take you down the road of the decor opportunities she created with it…

Upon first receiving this little glass beauty, we immediately envisioned a smashing variety of  ways we could style it. It’s perfect for creating a little intimate mood/ambience when entertaining outdoors. Imagine a bunch of them hanging from a tree, underneath a romantic picnic setting with you and your loved one. They make beautiful centrepieces for that patio dinner table or around the braai area. The sky us the limit, you just need a little imagination! We had quite a ball styling these Consol Solar Jars! Here is a handful of  ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

1) A found a paper bag with a beautiful vintage sketch on it (I fondly refer to it as “the wax paper lady”). I cut it out and stuck it into the jar – the result…GORGEOUS! It was by far one of my favourites. Simply beautiful, especially when lit up.

2) Keep it simple. Use some flower petals or buds like these beautiful pink bougainvilla blooms.

3) Create a little time capsule – find old photos, letters or other sentimental treasures and insert it into your jar for a whimsy trip down memory lane. Imagine having a few of these as wedding anniversary decoration – filled with memories of your years spend together. Or even at that big family reunion/braai proudly displaying your families history and heroes in a clever decorative way.

4) Plant one or two suitable greenery, maybe even herbs, in your jar and voila – a miniature greenhouse / terrarium! I actually in the process of creating several of these little terrariums jars at home – they look stunning on your coffee/bedside table!

5) In keeping with Valentine’s Day I made this little “love jar”! Use romantic wrapping paper, or other prints. You can even print something from your computer and stuff that in the jar. Just make sure that your design either has a white base or is not too thick otherwise it will hinder light transmittance.

6) Find some colourful & sparkly beads and buttons and string it inside your jar. I actually used a two necklaces.

7) Bundle different kinds of colourful organza ribbons and lace into the jar – it emits a beautiful colourful glow.

See the detailed images of the jars in the slideshow below…

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Where can you get this LIGHT JAR – for those in Gauteng go to Consol retail outlets in Woodmead and for those of us lucky beggars who live in Cape Town, it can be found in Stellenbosch – check out their website if you want more details or go to their FB page.

The cost – ZAR120.00 each. A total steal!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Photography: Laurita Smal