Interesting Soap Dishes

10 Bathroom Accessories Under R200

By Marica

An economical way for your bathroom to remain beautiful and timeless is by keeping it a blank canvas. Investing in quality contemporary finishes in neutral colours will allow you to change the look of your bathroom regularly by just switching out a handful of décor items and colours. I have noticed in most homes that bathrooms are either cold and bare or, on the other end of the scale, uncoordinated and filled with unnecessary fiddly bits. Here is a little budget inspiration for your bathroom…

Towels - White & Purple
Buy good quality white towels as a basis, like this "10 Year Towels" from Weylandts (R199 each) and one or two less expensive towels in a colour of choice. The splashes of colour will serve as accent without dominating and since coloured/dyed towels wear and fade far quicker you don't have to spend piles of money on them. The striking purple towel is from Mr. Price Home (R69.99) and the aubergine towel from @Home (R80.00)
Recycled Paper Waste Basket
This beautiful waste basket is made out of recycled paper, available from Weylandts at R179.00. Select a non-translucent bathroom bin - nobody wants to so what you toss away...
Purple Glass Candle Holders
Add a couple of colourful tea candle holders - keep it simplistic (remember - no fiddly bits!). These beautiful glass holders can also serve as funky ear-bud containers. The ribbed tea light holder is R15.99 and the other one R5.99, both from Mr. Price Home
Interesting Soap Dishes
I find the average soap dish to be extremely boring. If you can't find something beautiful like this grey lace soap dish from The Pause Room (77.00) use interesting side-plates or butter dishes: The funky purple side plate is from Woolworths (R29.95) and the gorgeous silver leaf dish is from Farriers (R60.00)
Funky Laundry Basket
I love this funky fabric Laundry Bin, and it is collapse-able for easy storage when empty. R129.00 from @Home
Scented Candles Violet Lilac and Grey
Candles are a must! Make sure they are scented - a bathroom should always smell as beautiful as it looks! The candles above are R49.00 each, all from @Home.
Amethyst Tumbler and Silver Glass
Just like the soap dishes, I find toothbrush holders extremely drab! Rather opt for a beautiful glass tumbler or interesting container. The stained glass tumblers show above are perfect as they won't appear dirty too quickly. The amethyst glass is from Mr Price Home (R29.99) and the platinum mist tumbler is from @Home (R39.00)
Handmade Soaps
Don't forget some gentle handmade glycerine soaps! Always beautiful. These two tone soap bars are from The Pause Room (R30.00 each)
Beautiful Purple Bath Mat
This gorgeous bold purple bath mat immediately caught my attention. The pebbled surface aids to the water absorption and is seriously funky. Beautiful! Available from @Home for R119.00
Most people are afraid to put art work in their bathrooms, but if you have the wall space - go for it! I love these simplistic yet trendy geometric prints: Available through Etsy, it is by an US design company called Acquired Design. It works out to about R100.00 each (ex shipping) Not bad at all!)

Check out these products on the supplier’s various websites:

@HomeMr. Price HomeWoolworthsThe Pause RoomFarriersWeylandtsEtsy 

Colour-Coded Inspiration – Black & White

By Marica

Today’s colour-coded inspiration contains two colours that separately have quite contradictory symbolisms and “feels”. Take black – it can be serious and conventional but it can also be elegant, sleek, and sophisticated (maybe even a bit sexy & mysterious). White is generally associated with purity, cleanliness, and innocence but it can also be stark and uninteresting.

White and black have the ability to compliment any colour (as they are neutral colours) and they are rarely used alone as the effect can be quite overpowering. Black can make an interior space appear to shrink in size and to much brilliant white can cause headaches.

Using black & white together creates a bold and sometimes an unwittingly masculine space. This colour duo can be loosely associated with a mid-century modern style of decorating (a style trend that is currently experiencing a revival) and also the more sleek and minimalist contemporary styles.

Feature Image via Emma’s Designblogg. From top left: Black Loofah Sphere Hanging Lamp – Weylandts / Jozi Shelf – Egg Designs / 3 x Scatter Cushions – Loads Of Living / Black & White Squares Scatter Cushion – @Home / Best Beaches Art – Quirky Me / Various Ceramic Vases with Rabbit, Bird & Protea Designs – Quirky Me / Circular Coffee Table – Tonic Design / Cow Hide Rug – Weylandts / Wingback Chair with Ottoman – Tom Dixon / Round Bamboo Placemat – @Home

Feature Image via Dear Lillie. From top left: Faux Fur Throw – @Home / White Ceramic Pot – Mr. Price Home / Black Doily Cushion – Weylandts / White Crochet Cushion – Woolworths / Black Ruffled Cushion – Weylandts / Black Spotted Cushion – Woolworths / Numbered Glass Bottles – Loads Of Living / Manuscript Rug – Nanimarquina / Lotus Candle Holder – Mr.Price Home / Velvet Ottoman – Weylandts / Ceramic Vessels – Woolworths / Chair – Chair Crazy / Plume Lamp – Spazio

Ask Décor Diva: Dark vs Light Wood?

Shaidah recently contacted The Design Tabloid to ask our resident Décor Diva some advice…

Shaidah asks:

“I am building and want to combine a kitchen with the lounge. The whole room is 2.5m x 3m. My plan is to have 1 wall fitted with the kitchen cabinets, stove and fridge and the other wall will play host to a wall mounted plasma and floating shelves. I want dark wood cabinets but I am afraid the whole place will look cramped and dark. Please help!”

Décor Diva says:

In terms of your plans for your lounge and kitchen – the area being small really needs to be kept of light as possible in order to create and maintain that feeling of space. I would venture to say that having all the cabinets in dark wood would be defeating that objective. I would recommend that you either consider a light wood finish or white or cream cabinets with the same colour on the drawers and door fronts.

White would be your better option, but if you are keen on a wooden finish, and then ask your kitchen supplier to show you a few samples along the lighter wood lines.

If you should go the white or cream route, a splash of colour can be added into your kitchen by having one or more of the drawer fronts in either a colour or wood finish. Alternatively there could be one or two doors in a contrasting finish or colour. There is no reason why you cannot mix in the colours and textures. In fact that is the trend in kitchens today and it works well.

All the best with your plans.

Love, Rose  x x x

Design Titbit:

Small dual function spaces like Shaidah’s might sound improbable but is actually quite common especially in Scandinavian or East Asian countries where properties are either very expensive or very limited because of overpopulation. It is essential to keep the space light, minimal and free of clutter. Invest in multi-functional furniture and clever storage solutions.

Image – xJavierx via Flickr: here

Colour-Coded Inspiration: Orange

By Marica has excellent descriptions of colour and the feelings and emotion specific colours invokes. This is what they had to say about Orange (I find it quite accurate):

“Orange is vibrant, flamboyant & energetic. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. As a warm color orange is a stimulant — stimulating the emotions and even the appetite. Orange can be found in nature in the changing leaves of fall, the setting sun, and the skin and meat of citrus fruit. It represents the changing seasons so in that sense it is a color on the edge, the color of change between the heat of summer and the cool of winter. Because orange is also a citrus color, it can conjure up thoughts of vitamin C and good health.”

A good colour to pair with orange is a nice cooling blue, like this turquoise-y blue we used below. Now the orange really pops. It can be really refreshing, don’t be afraid to use it. Here is some Orange beauties to inspire you…

Main Image via Pinterest / Scatter Cushions: Weylandts / Orange Fabric Swatches: Design Team / Chrysanthemum Vase: Anthropologie / Orange Pouffe: Fatsak / Orange & Blue Framed Print: Mengsel via Etsy / Alarm Clock: LIM / Ceramic Tiles: PaperCake / Orange Single Cup Bodem Plunger: Yuppiechef 

Main Image via Desire To Inspire / Orange & Grey Rug: Anthropologie / Glass Tea Candle Holders: Weylandts / Retro Pendant Lights: Mid-Century Modern / Orange Stackable Stools: Tolix / Africa Scatter Cushion: Mr. Price Home / Red & Orange Scatter Cushions: Yda Walt/ Pug Print: MonsterGallery via Etsy / Orange Refrigerator: Smeg

Decor Diva: Colour Your World

I am totally fascinated by colour. Try as I may, I could never imagine living in a world that has no colour in it – even if it black or white, it is still colour.


Everything we can see has a colour, everything you feel has colour, everywhere you go involves colour.  Around us, in our homes, at work, in nature, in space – it is universal.  Colour is as natural to our everyday life as breathing is to our bodies.


As I sat down to write this post, I decided that maybe I should pop onto the net to take a deeper look into colour – see if there is actually a definition for the word “colour” – perhaps gain an historical perspective of it.  My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of:   “I so take the world of colour for granted, but when was it first named “colour”.


Little did I realise that I was on my way to a science lesson, covering issues of light waves, electrons, atoms, reflection, absorption, the eye and its mechanisms.  A real head full of facts, but my conclusion – simply – colour is energy around us and in us.


This then means that colour touches our bodies, our moods, our dress sense and the décor of the places you inhabit most – home, office, malls, gardens etc. It can either inspire us or turn us away.


Possibly one of the very first steps to be taken when determining your décor & design style is to “Know thyself”.


We have decided that on a regular basis we are going to look at how we can harness that energy of colour and make it work for us;  How we get to know ourselves via colour and use it to bring the expression of our personalities in our homes, in our offices and in our gardens – our space.


I recently met a life coach, Claudia Brandt who is very involved with colour, from the point of view that she uses a personality assessment tool called Personality-abc. Personality-abc identifies three basic human behavioural patterns and uses three colours to represent them. These colours are Red (people with strong leadership qualities); Yellow (us very warm, intuitive, friendly and people’s person type – like moi); and then blue (the thinkers of this world).

Keep an eye on this blog in the weeks to come as we assists you in ‘colouring your world’.

By the way – it looks like I am a definite yellow, red, blue person.

Images via:

1 – Simply Grove

2 – Design Seeds

Freeworld Design Centre

By Marica

I’m sure you all have heard the name Freeworld Design Centre been thrown around of late. In fact, the South African blogosphere has been abuzz with Freeworld.

While doing some research for one of our Decorex blog posts, Rose & I came across the Freeworld Design Centre’s blog (a very good read, by the way) and even after reading their “About Us” page we still had a good “kop-krap” trying to fathom what exactly they do…

You might recognize these beautiful exhibition “pods” – it’s part of Freeworld’s current exhibition and all the designers used Freeworld products and finishes (check out this Lanalou Style post – she took some gorgeous pics).

So recently, on another one of our Town Days, Rose and I decided to pop into Freeworld’s BEAUTIFUL showroom / studio to have a good look-around. Sameenah, one of Freeworld’s accommodating interior designers, gave us a tour and explained their services to us (it was a lightbulb moment).

Okay so let me give you the skinny on Freeworld Design Centre…

They are part of Freeworld Coatings Ltd (the guys who own Plascon, Midas, Earthcote, etc.). The Centre provides a decor consultation and 3D rendering service for architects, interior designers and decorators, property developers and owners. The Freeworld Design Centre is staffed by a team of leading local stylists, decor consultants and interior designers who in turn, are supported by top client service representatives from Plascon and Midas Earthcote. Now, if you are in the built-environment trade listen very carefully. This is how we procured their help and so can you…it is truly a valuable resource:

We chose the almost completed bedroom of one of our clients. The majority of the bedroom was upholstered in a very bold patterned fabric and the space contained many shiny, glam accents.

We felt that our client’s master bedroom needed a little of oomph. Maybe a very deep blue to neutralise and compliment the existing gold and bling? The problem though – how do we convince our client to paint the half of her bedroom in an indigo colour…even I would question such a bold colour choice. (Just a note to the reader – this bedroom is huge and can accommodate such a dark colour easily.)

We decided to book an appointment with a Freeworld consultant to discuss possible colour selections for the project.

I chatted with Kerstin, our helpful Freeworld consultant, about what we had in mind, and showed her photos of the bedroom thus far as well as samples of the various fabrics used in the room. She agreed that a bold deep blue would look smashing and assisted me in finding three blues that would complement and match the upholstery fabric.

I handed our photos over to the Freeworld team who then digitally “painted” selected walls. They work with the precise RGB code of the paint sample to get the finished digital colour as close to the real deal as possible. Depending on the project requirements, they can also add the accurate colour to your existing 3D model or draw up a complete 3D from scratch to illustrate the full effect.

Thus, you get a peak at how beautiful a bold blue could look in the space. We later added the paint colour to our 3D model and presented the whole lot to our client (who went for it hook, line and sinker).

Thanks Freeworld Design Centre!

Find their website: here, and be sure to check out their blog: here – it’s very inspirational and filled with useful tidbits.