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Quick Tip #57: Old Picture Frame Turned Chalkboard

Let’s get on with the next instalment of our “cool stuff to do with old picture frames” Decor Quick Tip miniseries. As previously mentioned, we dug up a ton of clever and curious picture frame DIY ideas. These inspirational tips are super quirky and playful – perfect weekend projects! In case you missed the first two posts in this miniseries, be sure to check out the previous picture frame tips, “Old Picture Frame Turned Jewellery Organizer” and “Old Picture Frames Turned Terrarium“. Today’s tip actually reminds me of a previous Quick Tip we shared some years ago where a chalkboard was created from an old door.

#57  Have some old or unwanted picture frames gathering dust somewhere? Think twice before you throw it out! Rather repurpose that vintage frame into a fun and functional chalkboard for your home. It takes minimal effort and supplies and would be a quick and easy weekend DIY project. All you need are a couple of unused picture frames, a backing-board, and your choice of chalkboard paint. Your frame can be an ornate vintage thrift store find or something cheap and contemporary from the local bargain shop – paint it, distress it, or leave it natural – whatever suits your decorative style best. Now all you have to do is replace the glass pane from the picture frame with a similar-sized board painted with chalkboard paint. Et voila – a lovely upcycled chalkboard for your daily to-do list, recipes, grocery store needs, or just for some pretty decorative scribbles.

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Quick Tip #26: Old Doors As Chalkboards

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Can you believe this is Part Four of our little Décor Quick Tip series on awesome things to do with old reclaimed doors… and there is still a couple DIY door ideas left to explore!

#26  Why not combine two hot décor trends – repurpose an old found door by converting it into a quirky chalkboard! Shop for a character-filled salvaged door with interesting moulding, recessed panels,  or a frame with rustic textures like flaking paint. Decide on the area you want to paint with chalkboard paint – it can be the whole door or just the door insets. You can even paint the glass panes of an old French door – hang it on the wall horizontally… it makes for an excellent chalkboard day planner to organize your week! Also keep in mind that your chalkboard door does not necessarily have to be the traditional chalkboard black – chalkboard paint now comes in a multitude of funky colours… 

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