Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours

feature image: Dulux New Zealand

by Marica Fick

Like our previous trend post about the resurgence of Rattan, the hot and spicy colour trend we will be sharing today also smacks of retro deliciousness.

With the chill of winter fast approaching, we are quite happy to see the interior colour palettes shift to richer and warmer tones. I think it is exactly this yearning for warmth, cosiness, and womb-like comfort that has made TERRACOTTA the go-to home colour trend of the past few seasons.

Trend Alert: Terracotta & Earth Colours
A perfect balanced of terracotta hues, pale blue, and earthy materials in Fonda Mexican restaurant in Melbourne. | source: Eclectic Trends

To give you a greater scope of the massive popularity of this earthy-coloured trend, let me share this tidbit:

A few times a year, Pinterest releases as a category specific report detailing the latest and greatest pinning trends from around the world. Last year, they reported a whopping 95% increase of terracotta-themed interior and homeware images in the UK alone.

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Decorating Dictionary: Define Memphis Style

Decorating Dictionary: Memphis Style

What is the definition of Memphis Style?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term “Memphis Style” and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define Memphis Style for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Memphis Style:  is a postmodern movement pioneered by the Memphis Group, an Italian design and architecture collective, in the 1980s. Inspired by earlier styles such as Pop Art, Art Deco, and 1950s Kitsch, Memphis Style has been described as “a shotgun wedding between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price”. The somewhat bizarre and humorous style is known for its bold use of colour, abstract graphic patterns, and asymmetrical geometric shapes. The Memphis Group designed and exhibited many furniture pieces, decorative objects, and household items in this peculiar style. While Memphis Style was often seen as “bad taste” and misunderstood, the designs received much acclaim and had many admirers – David Bowie had a massive Memphis Style collection. In recent years, renewed interest in Memphis Style designs has resulted in a minor style revival both in the fashion and interiors sectors.

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Decorating Dictionary - Define Shagreen

Decorating Dictionary: Shagreen

What is the definition of Shagreen?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term “shagreen” and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define shagreen for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Shagreen: is a highly textured rawhide or leather originally obtained from the rumps of horses and onagers, and later, from the skins of sharks, stingrays and dogfish. Historically, this exotic skin was used to cover the sword hilts and bows of Japanese and Chinese civilisations past. Shagreen was popularized as a luxury decorative material in the 18th century by Jean-Claude Galluchat, a master leatherworker in the court of Louis XV of France. It quickly became the epitome of sophistication and style amongst the French aristocracy. The decorative use of shagreen saw a revival during the 1920s and 30s as it was often used in Art Deco furniture pieces – a popular interior style during this period. Today, the majority of shagreen products are made from faux/artificial materials.

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easter greeting

Easter Greetings From Design Monarchy

Easter greeting

Wishing all our readers and friends a happy (and hot cross bun-filled) Easter!

Our studio will be closed for business from today till the 23rd of April 2019 as Rose and I will depart on an important quest to see just how many Easter eggs we can successfully find and eat! Yum.

Have a good one, guys and gals! Design Tabloid out!

    Love, Rose & Marica    

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Decorating Dictionary: Define Trestle

Decorating Dictionary: Trestle

What is the definition of Trestle?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term “trestle” or a “trestle table” and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now you have to wonder no longer – we will define trestle for you! Here is the latest addition to our Decorating Dictionary

Trestle:  (from the Latin trānstrum meaning “crossbeam”) a wooden or metal frame consisting of two pairs of slanting legs joined by a horizontal beam, often used in pairs to prop up a flat surface such as a table top. There are two main variants of trestle structures used in furniture design – the traditional fixed trestle and the more contemporary collapsing trestle. Furniture pieces with collapsing trestle legs are easy to assemble and store, while the fixed trestle structure is sturdier.

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Decorating Quick Tip | Old Picture Frame Turned Jewellery Organizer

Quick Tip #55: Old Picture Frame Turned Jewellery Organizer

Last year we shared four playful Decor Quick Tips all relating to old dresser drawers. The tips illustrated how unwanted drawers could be transformed into handy wall storage, quirky trays, stylish tables and convenient under-the-bed storage. We love sharing these fun and creative DIY ideas – they are so charmingly off-beat.

And, with that, I think it is high time for another decorating quick tip miniseries! I have found a good few crafty ideas about awesome things to do with old picture frames. It will be enough to keep us knee-deep in interesting tips for a good few months! So, without further delay, here is the latest quirky tip in our new “cool stuff to do with old picture frames” Decor Quick Tip miniseries…

#55  Searching for a practical yet beautiful way to store and display your jewellery? Why not repurpose an old or unused picture frame into a quirky and attractive upcycled jewellery organizer. Insert a backing into the frame – it can be a wooden board, cork sheeting or even chicken wire! For added interest, you can wrap your backing board in fabric or lovely decorative paper. Attach cup hooks or pins to your backing board – you will use this to hang your jewellery from. You can even fix additional hooks into the frame itself to provide extra storage. Mount it to the wall or, if the frame has a stand or folding support, display it on your dresser or vanity. Use one big frame or a collection of smaller frames. The beauty of this concept is that you can match your frame to the style of your interior – from vintage, ornate or shabby chic to sleek, modern or contemporary. In essence, your jewellery becomes framed art!

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