{DIY} Fabric Covered Letters via IDEAS

We found the cutest DIY project on the IDEAS Magazine website and we just had to share it with you. These fabric covered letters will look smashing in a nursery or kids bedroom. It seems like an easy little project that will also give you the opportunity to get rid of leftover pieces of fabric. I’m sure you can also try the same trick with wallpaper samples, scrapbooking sheets, or beautiful gift wrapping.

You will need
• polystyrene letters
• fabric remnants
• pencil
• set of compasses
• ruler
• needlework scissors
• modge podge
• paintbrush
• cutting mat

See the original DIY post on the IDEAS website: here

{Click on the images to enlarge and view the step-by-step instructions}

Skinny laMinx

Heather Moore of surface & textile design company Skinny laMinx chatted to Afrikaans morning show, Dagbreek, last week. Check it this cute little clip where she shares some of the Skinny laMinx story.

BTW – CityMob is having a Skinny laMinx 12-day flash sale. You can buy some awesome Skinny scatter cushions at an absolute steal… it’s selling like hotcakes! See the sale: here.

Décor Dictionary: Moire

{click to enlarge}

Moire: is a fabric with a wavy, rippled appearance traditionally produced mainly from silk however wool, cotton and rayon can also be used. The most common technique for making moire fabric is calendering, where the material is folded, moistened and passed under ribbed rollers at high temperatures and pressures. This watered effect can also be imitated using either weaves or colour printing methods but will lack the shine and dimension of true moire. Interestingly, the term moire is used to describe the cloth and moiré the pattern.

[Image Source: 12, 3]

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And the Most Beautiful Object in SA is…

*Drum roll please*

The winner of the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2013 is Gavin Rajah for his Pebble Dress!

Pebble Dress by Gavin Rajah
Pebble Dress by Gavin Rajah

This dress from Gavin Rajah’s Spring/Summer 2013 couture collection was created out of leather pieces that were moulded into pebble shapes and then embroidered onto mesh by hand. The leather pebbles are placed to create a gradation of colour with rose gold blending into chocolate.

Rajah’s studio pioneered the technique to foil ostrich skins with the Klein Karoo Co-op last year. After the technique attracted interest from Chanel and other international fashion brands, the studio decided to create their own textiles in foiled leathers. The result is a more tactile leather with depth and dimension. The garment is handmade and has been created without seams in pure couture tradition.”

Gavin Rajah was nominated by Malibongwe Tyilo, in his capacity as a Blogger of Skattie What Are You Wearing?

Malibongwe had the following to say about Rajah’s creation: “The Pebble Dress combines to great effect some of the most relevant design influences at the moment: leather, ombre, texture and craft. Their unity creates a completely resolved design piece. At first glance, your eye is attracted by the complete garment and it’s almost scale-like appearance. A closer look reveals the incredible amount of work and precision that has gone into creating not only the garment but also an entirely new fabric.”

Gavin Rajah

Speaking from Mumbai, an ecstatic Rajah said: “I’m incredibly humbled by this accolade and it’s a testament of the work being produced by my studio. I want to thank Ravi Naidoo and his team for offering not only this amazing platform to share, collaborate and interact, but bringing to the fore creativity and design in South Africa. A special thanks to all who voted for the Pebble dress.”

For more information and pics of the Most Beautiful Object in SA, please visit www.designindaba.com.

Trend Watching 2012 – Part Two

By Marica

Last week in Part One of our 2012 Trend Report we discussed our most-loved Colour Trends of the past year. Today, we continue our discussion with a look at our favourite pattern and imagery trends of 2012…

As so many of the pattern trends we spoke about in 2011 are still hot (especially those gorgeous geometrics) and to avoid repeating, we have selected these three trends as our favourite pattern and imagery trends of 2012…

Trend - Ombre

As one article on Apartment Therapy stated: “subtle and sweet or bold and dramatic, the ombré trend has taken off in a big way.” You see this delightful trend everywhere, and we have already devoted a Décor Dictionary post to Ombre (see it here)! There is something altogether magical about this light to dark gradient colour trend. Whether it is “dip-dye” or “paint chip” ombre, we will see a lot more of this trend in the year to come…

Trend - Ethnic Fusion

Tribal patterns and ethnic designs are back!  *hears a thousand South Africans tear their clothes in anguish*

Luckily, I’m not referring to tacky African masks, bowls and other general Greenmarket Square touristy junk or the drab dirt-coloured interiors of “Tribal” trends past. Nope, this trend is far more bohemian – exciting and colourful!

Most likely an extension of the ikat trend, we saw the introduction of other ethnic elements this past year. Beautiful Persian and Balkan kilims, Central Asian Suzanis, and gorgeous Aztec and Native American patterns – all in bright, non-traditional colourways. Imagine a beautiful geometric Navajo blanket or rug in shades of pink and lilac!

Quite interesting to note that these elements where often combined with unexpected room styles. For instance – a white Scandinavian bedroom with textured Aztec pillows; or a Mid-Century Modern Lounge with a bold kilim rug – a surprising fusion. Well, it has been said that Eclectic design is the interior style of the future…

Trend - Foxes

In some way or form animal imagery is always (and probably will always be) trending. Think back over the past two or so years – birds – EVERYWHERE! Birds on fabric and wallpaper, décor and art, fashion and jewellery – sparrows, owls, hummingbirds, and whatever the Twitter bird is – you name it. Not that I’m complaining, ask Rose – I’m the first one to point out something with a bird on it… I love birdies.

And before bird trend there was the rabbit trend. Now? … foxes.

Often associated with folk tales, the sly fox is said to symbolize cunning and intelligence. However, I think they are just adorable and I adore the fox-inspired designs I’m seeing all around the web. I wonder if this trend is a delayed homage to the beautiful imagery seen in Fantastic Mr. Fox?