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“Today for Tomorrow” at Made by You Pop-Up Shop

Cavendish Square collaborated with local green designers to create sustainable products from the waste recycled by the centre. These chic & functional products can be bought at their Made by You & Cavendish Square Recycling Pop up store during the month of October 2014…

I rather like that title “Today for Tomorrow” as a WDC 2014 initiative.  To me it carries a very powerful message of being present in what we undertake today, with a view of impacting our environment and surrounding going into tomorrow. One of those “speaks for itself” taglines.

And in keeping with the whole pop-up shop trend that is still gaining momentum in Cape Town, it is heart warming to see one of Cape Town’s landmark upmarket shopping malls, Cavendish Square, playing host to a designer orientated pop-up shop. For those further afield from Cape Town, just a piece of useless information – Cavendish Square has many, many designer label shops. Mostly all in the “High Street” genre. That to me then makes this initiative by Cavendish really cool – bringing in your street level designer labels and giving them exposure alongside the high street labels. Just the kinda inclusive exposure these designers need.

 I realise that it is a bit late in the month, but for those of us in the Cape Town area, there is still time to nip over to Cavendish to take in the power of creative design influences by local designers. Something that we can surely be very Proudly South African.

Who’s Going To The Trunk Show?

There is an exciting new first happening this weekend in Cape Town… the first ever Ideas Magazine Trunk Show! Now as you might know from previous articles, we here at Design Monarchy love our Ideas Mag – so this is a a show we dare not miss!

Ideas Magazine Trunk Show - The Design Tabloid (1)

It is set to be an awesome boutique showcase of locally-made bespoke home décor and accessories, unique handmade and crafted items, as well as originally designed wares. Many of the vendors and exhibitors attending the Trunk Show this year have previously been featured in Ideas Magazine, and their work will be showcased at the show in a visually amazing space created by the Ideas team.

One of the things Rose and I are most excited about is the fact that the Ideas team create 99% of the DIY items featured in the magazine and this is a once off opportunity to purchase them! 

idees mat.tifOne of the biggest global trends at the moment is the ‘handmade movement’, reflecting people’s need for personalisation in a world of mass-produced products,” says Ideas magazine editor Terena le Roux.

DIY has replaced DKNY, so much so that almost half the adults in the US regularly practise DIY and in the UK, the market has grown by 33% over the last 5 years,” says le Roux.  “Where craft was once seen as old fashioned, there has been a shift to authentic, one-off products and the growing amount of successful craft markets and on-line craft shops and marketplaces show that there is a market for modern, well-crafted products.

Whether you love to create, or are just inspired by the extraordinary craft of others, the Ideas Magazine Trunk Show is a unique browse-and-buy experience that personally introduces the creations of over 20 talented exhibitors to an audience ever on the hunt for handmade and niche products for yourself and for your home,” says le Roux.

Here’s a peak at some of the exhibitors at the Ideas Magazine Trunk Show:

•     Mitat – bespoke home decor products with designed and screen-printed fabric and paper

•     Dots Quilts – paradise for quilters and quilt-lovers alike

•     Oscar W Designs – retro and vintage style crates, furniture and signs

•     Vintage collectables

•     Biscuit Scout – hand-knitted décor items

•     Bokke & Blomme – expressive decor accessories spelled out in ‘word’   format

•     Cape Craft – the go-to source for decorative punches, stencils and anything laser-cut or engraved

•     Photoblox – get your favourite Instagram, Facebook or digital photo printed on a wooden block

•     Nicoletta – sweet inspirations for smashing cakes that shimmer, sparkle and bedazzle

•     Peg & Thread – beautiful hand-made sewing, knitting and creative kits in vintage-chic packaging

Before or after a look and a shop, guests can have a bite to eat in the Lodge’s vintage dining room or sip on a glass of wine in the show’s wine lounge. Also on sale will be difficult-to-source craft equipment.

Ideas Trunk Show:

When:  Saturday 13 July, 9h00-17h00, and Sunday 14 July 9h00-16h00

Where:  Simondium Country Lodge, Paarl-Franschhoek Road (R45)

Cost: R30

Tickets can be purchased at the door or directly from Taheerah Abrahams at Ideas magazine, email or call 021 408 3837

For more information log onto Look for the Ideas magazine page on Facebook or follow @Ideas_magazine on Twitter.

St. George’s Cathedral Save The Roof Market

By Marica

There is a handful of things every Cape Townian MUST do in his or her lifetime – for instance a trip up Table Mountain, Sundowners at Camps Bay, Wine Route wine-tasting or a boat ride to Robben Island and the list goes on… You can also not really call yourself a true Cape Townian without having set foot in the beautiful stone landmark which is St George’s Cathedral.

The Cathedral Church of St George the Martyr (in full) is the Anglican cathedral in the centre of Cape Town, South Africa and is the seat of the Archbishop of Cape Town.

The cathedral was designed by the masterful architect, Sir Herbert Baker and the foundation stone of the cathedral was laid on 22 August 1901 by the Duke of Cornwall and York (later to become George V). The cathedral replaced a church built in 1834 on the same site. Since then building has progressed by fits and starts. In 1939 the north aisle was finished; in 1963 the Lady Chapel and south aisle were completed, and in 1978 the belfry and the Link section, with additional seating, were built. But to this date St George’s Cathedral is still incomplete.

The Cathedral is fortunate in having some fine Gabriel Loire stained-glass windows and over the south transept is the most breathtaking rose window. Another must see (or rather must hear) is the beautiful ring of the cathedral bells. I once lingered around St George’s in order to hear the wonderful chimes of the cathedral’s majestic ten bells (each bell with its own name) which are usually rung as a call to worship or on special events.

St. George’s also played it’s own part during our difficult struggle during the apartheid era. On September 13 1989, about 30000 people marched from the cathedral to call for the release of political prisoners, unbanning of political parties and an end to the tricameral parliament.

” … this cathedral became widely known as a site and focus of resistance against apartheid. And so St George’s won the splendid accolade contained in the title The People’s Cathedral.”


The Cathedral has withstood many a storm and even a couple of wars but is now in serious need of repair. “Over the years we have repaired the roof. Now, alas, it is beyond repair and is in need of replacing. Estimates range from R7-million to R9-million.” In an effort to save this historic and cultural gem, St. George’s has organised a side-walk “White Elephant” sale to raise some much needed funds. Please visit the market this Saturday and Sunday (the 26th and 27th) to support this excellent cause! Browse through the collection of bric-and-brac items, secondhand books and other handmade crafts – you might even stumble upon some gorgeous vintage treasures for your home. For more details please visit the St. George’s website and if you feel inclined to give, please see this page.

St. George’s Cathedral White Elephant Side-walk Sale:
When: Saturday & Sunday, 26th & 27th of November 2011
Time: 10am to 3pm
Where: Area outside the St George’s Cathedral shop
Contact: (021 424 7360) : Pat Ellis

Images via Flickr here: 
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