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Finding the Perfect Layout for a Boys’ Room

A couple of weeks ago we, Design Monarchy, were approached by a potential client who needed a little assistance in the space planning of their children’s bedrooms. They were about to welcome a new addition to their family and had to rethink and reshuffle rooms. The new baby girl would inherit the current guest room which meant that the two older siblings – both boys – would share a (quite small) room.

Rose did an onsite consultation to assess the space and to determine our clients’ needs. Our brief was simple – find the best way to accommodate both boys, their toys, TV and gaming console and a possible desk for the older brother.

We would draw up a basic floor plan to show our client the optimal furniture layout and put together a quick presentation with some quirky and clever storage ideas.

Boys Room Ideas Inspiration | Design Monarchy

We attacked this project with gusto (it’s always fun doing kids rooms). We kicked off, as always, by collecting some inspirational pictures and ideas. I created a Pinterest board and we started pinning. Pinterest is an excellent tool to garner inspiration, collect and organise your thoughts, and to bounce ideas of clients.

To us, storage was a main concern. As we have shared in a previous post, organising a shared room for two siblings can be quite challenging. You have to accommodate two personalities with different interests in one room. The last thing you want is kids stumbling over stuff in a too crowded room. We opted for bunk beds to open up some much needed floor space.

We started playing with a basic two-dimensional furniture layout. I soon realised that even though the room was small, it lent itself to multiple solutions. In our desire to find the perfect solution to our client’s needs, we often play with it until we have more than one possible solution. I have to admit, I got a little carried away. Our client ended up with not one, but FIVE possible room layouts for the boys’ room. I decided to create a basic 3D, or three dimensional model, of each layout to better assess the space…

Boys Room Layout 1 | Design Monarchy

Layout 1: Reuse Existing Bed

In the first Layout we endeavoured to save our clients a little money by reusing the existing three quarter bed. We proposed a raised bunk bed-like setup over the loose-standing bed which was placed at a 90° angle to the bunk. The space at the foot of the bunk allowed for a small desk with built-in storage above.

We also included a bookcase underneath the bunk bed (behind the ladder) and toy boxes on castors for additional under-the-bed storage. The narrow recess between the door and existing built-in wardrobe made for a perfect spot to put a floor-to-ceiling book “ledge”.

Boys Room Layout 2 | Design Monarchy

Layout 2: Seamless Built-In Bunk Beds

For Layout Two we designed a seamless built-in staggered bunk bed. This option allowed for loads of additional, well-organised storage and freed up the most floor space. We suggested a small loose-standing desk under the window and that the TV be wall-mounted. The boys will be able to play on their console either from the comfort of their beds or from small pouffes on the floor.

Bunk Beds


Boys Room Layout 3 | Design Monarchy

Layout 3: A Brilliant Combo

Layout Option Three is similar to Option One in that it features a built-in desk with storage above at the foot of the bunk beds. In this layout however, the exiting bed has been replace with a more traditional loose-standing bunk bed. This allows for space to include a storage unit under the window that can also serve as the TV cabinet.

Boys Room Layout 4 | Design Monarchy

Layout 4: Loose-standing Everything

Layout Four would be the best option for home renters as all the various elements in the room are loose-standing. We managed to squeeze a bunk bed in behind the door, (provided that the bed in no more than 2m in length) which opened up a lot of floor space for a big loose-standing storage unit and desk.


Boys Room Layout 5 | Design Monarchy

Layout 5: Big On the Storage

In our Fifth and last layout we made storage the prime goal. We proposed an L-shaped built-in storage unit at the foot of a loose-standing bunk bed. The storage unit featured a deeper cabinet with door (to hide an unorganised mess) and a bank of pigeon/cubbyholes perfect for toy boxes and baskets. As with our other four layouts, we once again proposed under-bed storage boxes on castors and a book “ledge” in the recess by the door as one comes in.

And there you have our five different furniture layouts for one boys room. Which layout would you choose?

Currently Working On…

logoIf you have been wondering why we here at Design Monarchy have been so quiet as of late, it is because we are hard at work on a rather large interior design project…

Our studio is currently working on an upmarket retirement complex in Kenilworth, Cape Town called “Summerley Court”. Those of you who follow us on Facebook have no doubt noticed all the recent image uploads of the work in process.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see months of designing, planning, sourcing and problem-solving finally come to life on site.

We often prefer to have our furniture custom made instead of buying something off the floor. This way we can customize the furniture piece to perfectly fit with the look and feel of our designed space. It also affords us the opportunity to use our own sourced fabrics, an element that ensures an entirely unique item and interior.

Early on in the project we set about finding an appropriate fabric scheme – our client wanted something bright, colourful and friendly. We then started playing around with furniture concepts – finding items that we liked, adapting them and then finally applying our chosen fabrics to the design.

Our furniture concepts for the Summerley Court dining room chairs (on the left) and the bar dining chairs (on the right).

It is very important to find a reliable and proactive team that can work with us to bring our ideas and concepts to fruition within the allotted time and budget.

One of the custom furniture manufacturers we had the pleasure of working with on the Summerley Court project was ASCOT Upholstery. Rose and I do not dole out compliments lightly, but working with Michelle and her ASCOT team was such a joy we thought they deserve special mention.

ASCOT made the majority of our dining room chairs as well as some comfy seats for the bar area and the meeting room chairs. An aspect that really impressed us was that they were in constant communication with us throughout the manufacturing process. If there was any problem, question or suggestion Michelle didn’t hesitate to give us a quick call to hash out solutions. They delivered on time and in budget. AND of course, the chairs were beautiful made. We have received numerous complements from those who have seen the chairs on site.

Thank you very much to ASCOT Upholstery for delivering such quality work!

In the weeks to come we will be sharing more juicy details and pics of our Summerley Court project. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on this spot!

Design Monarchy - Cape Town Interior Design (4)A quick snap taken at the ASCOT workshop. Here the ASCOT team is hard at work making the chairs that will find a home in the Summerley Court meeting room.

Design Monarchy - Cape Town Interior Design (3)Signed, sealed, delivered! The Summerley Court dining chairs standing in proud little rows on site ready to be unwrapped and positioned.

The finished product – from concept to completion – our beautiful chairs made by ASCOT Upholstery.

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