Kirsten Goss Abode Homeware

Currently Coveting: Kirsten Goss ABODE

by Marica Fick

I’ve gone and done it again… lost my heart.

I know, not too long ago I was pledging my undying love to something completely different. At that moment I was head-over heels and coveting the funky, contemporary, African-chic ZCafe Rope Chair designed by Egg Designs (and it is still gorgeous by the way).

What can I say, my heart is a bit fickle – but luckily – I have a BIG heart so there is room for far more beautiful things. I’m a sucker for a bit of local eye-candy.

What, you my ask, has got me drooling this time around? I’m currently coveting the beautifully chic ABODE collection by South African jewellery designer, Kirsten Goss. This elegant homeware addition to Kirsten’s established jewellery brand is both refreshing and unexpected.

Kirsten who opened her flagship jewellery store in London in 2005, has designed pieces for Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal wedding and her jewellery designs have been worn by several A-list celebrities.

Kirsten’s “Lily Pad Ring” won the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa (MBOISA) at the Design Indaba Expo 2012. The ring’s contemporary design, intriguing organic lines and playful edge exemplifies Kirsten’s award-winning style aesthetic.

Kirsten describes ABODE, which is a collection of luxury cutlery and servingware, as “considered implements and objects for living” and “modern heirlooms”. Hand-crafted from pure brass or sterling silver, the designs mirror the aesthetically sophisticated shapes and spirit of Kirsten’s jewellery lines.

Both delicate and refined, the ABODE Collection is a nostalgic throwback to Kirsten’s Scandinavian heritage and is available in 18kt Rose Gold or Yellow Gold vermeil or Sterling Silver. The range includes dainty espresso, condiment, and sugar spoons as well as pickle forks (how quirky), pâté knives, and graceful serving spoons / salad servers.


Kirsten Goss Abode Homeware


One thought on “Currently Coveting: Kirsten Goss ABODE

  1. These are indeed beautiful and graceful cutleryware. Delicately dainty. I’m wondering from a functional point of view, how these metals will react to the dishwasher or to washing up? I guess that if one goes to the extend of purchasing such decorative cutlery, one will naturally be more aware of how to care for them.

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