10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets

10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets

feature image: Who What Wear

by Marica Fick

I have to admit, for someone in the creative industry, I’m a bit of a fashion dud. Don’t get me wrong, I DO desire lovely, well-thought-through outfits and voguish attire – it is just not high on my priority list. Furthermore, I don’t think I was blessed with the expert “fashion eye”. For me comfort trumps style most days and, to be honest, I am fine with being a Plain Jane.

Having said that, there is something very desirable about a beautifully designed and organized closet. Gorgeous clothes, shoes, handbags and fashion accessories lined up and displayed like the posh shelves of a chic boutique. You don’t have to be a fashion guru, retail addict or materialistic diva to want and appreciate a stylish walk-in closet or dressing room.

10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
Everything has its place in the gorgeous colour-coded walk-in closet of fashion blogger and “blazer addict”, Verena. | Source: Verena (@my_philocaly) via Instagram

10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
Keep your shoes beautifully organised with this nifty tiered pull-out shoe racks… also part of the IKEA PAX system. | source: Teresa Caruso (@teresalaucar) via Instagram

Maybe we have Sex and The City to blame for our aspirational walk-in closet desires. Can you still remember the stunning walk-in closet in fashionista Carrie Bradshaw’s stylish Manhattan apartment? How could one forget really… it feels like half of the series was shot within the manicured walls of that closet. I imagine that if it came down to it, Carrie would probably choose her closet above Mr Big.

Furthermore, Marie Kondo and her “keep things organized” mantra has got us all in a neat and tidy closet tizzy. If you want to keep your closet Instagram ready you have to refer to Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing which after its runaway success is now being referred to as the “decluttering bible”!

Her (in)famous “KonMari” Method involves a whole lot of practical and emotional probing. First, you have to determine your personal connection to your items and then decide what stays and what goes. She even suggests folding clothing in a new way to minimise clutter (it really works). Just a fair warning, with the KonMari Method it gets messy before it gets neat, tidy and minimal – prepare yourself for chaos.

10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
The delicate Leroy Merlin floral wallpaper Macarena Gea chose for her whimsical walk-in closet adds depth, interest and chic style. | source: Style Lovely

Looking at all these prime examples of luxury dressing rooms and the way they are used, I am left the impression that walk-in closets can serve a greater function than just simple clothes storage. They are pause areas, private retreats, and little sanctuaries. They allow you to calmly and mindfully prepare for your day or wind down after a busy one.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind having a little closet-sized paradise of my own…

How about you, do you also desire a drool-worthy luxury walk-in closet? Which one of the ten closets shared here hits the spot for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
The lovely walk-in closet of lifestyle blogger Stephanie Sterjovski not only houses her gorgeous clothing and accessories but also doubles as her office! I would have no problem working in THAT particular office! | source: Lark & Linen
10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
I love the PAX modular storage system from IKEA. Look at this dreamy walk-in closet. Drawers, shelves, boxes and containers provide plenty of room for everyone and their belongings. The Scandi-looking armchair, dressing table and ottoman completes this heavenly dressing area. | source: IKEA
10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
Yes, you are not mistaken – this is indeed a DOUBLE level walk-in closet. The dream closet, build by Easley Builders, features two floors of beautiful bespoke cabinetry – no lack of storage space here! Nothing says “luxury” like your closet needing its own staircase… | source: Easley Builders (@easleybuilders) via Instagram
10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
The gorgeous and airy custom-built dressing room in the home of actress Keri Russell. I love the addition of the comfy armchair and rustic lean-to mirror. | source: Elle Decor
10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
The “next level” walk-in closet of blogger Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies is chic, feminine and ever so fierce. | source: Elle Decor
10 Drool-Worthy Luxury Walk-in Closets
The chic custom-designed walk-in closet in the Manhattan apartment of designer Nate Berkus. Nate describes this as one of his favourite spaces: “This room, for me, represents the height of luxury. Everything about it was designed right down to the very last details. Now THIS is a way to live.” Who said elaborate and stylish walk-in closets are just for the fairer sex?! | source: Elle Decor

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