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The Flip Side: Bold & Bright Interiors

by Rose McClement

Marica recently wrote a Trend Alert article, highlighting some of the gorgeous dark and moody interiors. Prominent in all of these moody interiors were the wonderfully exhilarating deep and darker tones of some jewel colours. Colours such as Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Teal Green, Plum, Grape, Yellow, Bold Pink, Dark Grey, Orange and Lime Green.

While reading that article, I seeped into those alluring interior images. My heart was pounding with absolute pleasure at the beauty of those interiors. Definitely my kinda thing in a big way!

Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: bien fait via instagram

My friend Stella, a loyal member of our Facebook Fan Club made a very interesting comment on the post.

This is what she said: I sooooo appreciate viewing these dark & moody tones. But for me it’s largely seasonal.  As you say, winter draws one in. It’s cosy, gorgeous but come summer I want to bask in LIGHT, white and bright.  So could I live with the dark tones? I don’t think so… but an accent wall, now you’re talking.  (All emphasis hers, including the numbers of “oooo’s” in the word “soooo”)

Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: elle france

Make That Difference: Introduce Trendy Bold Colours Into a Light Space

What I would like to do here is take the opportunity of illustrating that these wonderfully bold, moody colours can indeed effectively be introduced into a light space as accent colours. Either to create a feature wall or applied to the decor accessories. Not all rooms need to be completely drenched from top to toe in these darker colour tones.

The images that I’ve included into this post are mostly taken from My Scandinavian Home, where the common style thread is white and natural. There are some wonderful examples of how the jewel colours have been applied to a feature wall as either paint or wallpaper. By the way – remember that a dark wall goes a long way in providing that awesome “backdrop” to highlight other decor elements in the room.

You can introduce these moody jewel colours as tactile velvet scatter cushions, ottomans, art pieces, rugs, one arbitrary easy chair, a sofa, as a throw on either bed or chair, a painted item of furniture, headboards, objects d’art, and plenty more.

Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: my scandinavian home

As I write I’m taken back to a time in my young adult life in the early years of my interiors career…

I could be found wearing a wonderfully bright, warm yellow knitted pullover (lovingly crafted by my mom). Plus, my bedroom walls were painted a warm “shocking” pink – as we called it in those days. These walls were merely painted that colour to serve as that “backdrop” I spoke of earlier. However, the star of the room’s decor was definitely the curtain fabric. A bright, big, and bold John Lewis floral pattern, with the most gorgeous bird in it. All of this at a time when daring to be different, following the yearnings of my bold heart, was hardly trendy.

Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: my scandinavian home

In conclusion, don’t be afraid to introduce these bold, moody elements and colours into your home. They make such a difference. They speak to warmth and depth of character, of adventures near and far. They carry a sense of well-being and they certainly are very embracing.

What element of a bold and moody are you going to consider introducing into your home space?

Like the Nike slogan says… #JustDoIt

Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: design sponge
Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: my scandinavian home
Bold & Bright Interiors | via
source: my scandinavian home

3 thoughts on “The Flip Side: Bold & Bright Interiors

  1. OK, I’m sold. I’ve finally decided to do an accent wall in our new main bedroom with wallpaper, depicting HUGE, overblown peonies. Because our bedroom furniture is a rich cherry wood (sleigh bed and slightly on the masculine side), I’ve decided to bring in the feminine side with a large cream under bed rug, include Mongolian scatters with perhaps some velvet others in winter / crisp cottons in summer. Finally the wallpaper as mentioned. A dark moody background with soft cream, blush pink & sepia tones. Aside – what happened to my blue, white and sand colour scheme? It appears this idea may need some tweaking after all. So many colours, so little time LOL

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