VIDEO: Sleet House Renovation

by Rose McClement

I’m guessing that many of our regular readers are very familiar with our Quick Tips Series.  We have been featuring this series for a number of years already and Marica manages to unearth some really cool and useful tips.  Today I’m sharing what could be termed a Quick Tip. It literally is just that – a few quick tips coming your way in a slightly different format, namely that of a video.

The video is nifty and short but manages to deliver a power pack of home renovation tips.  It is presented to you by Vicki Sleet of I Want That in co-operation with House & Leisure. She is one of my favourite local bloggers, someone whom I have followed for near on 8 years now.

If you are planning a home renovation now or anytime soon I’ve no doubt that you will find these tips very useful.  They sound easy, but take notes – there is immense depth in each one.

Enjoy and speak soon on this very subject of Home Reno. Cheers


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