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We Are Delving into the Blog Archives

by Rose McClement

Often during the winter months, due to the slower pace of work, we take advantage of the breathing space, to revisit and revitalise the social media side of our business. Coming out of recent chats, Marica and I have decided that we are going to “modify” our email newsletter tempo a little. Like gear it up a bit.

What will that look like in reality? Well, for a while now our newsletters have been sent every fortnight. Cool – until it dawned on me that since we have been blogging for near on 7 years now, we have so many articles and posts from “back then” that may not have passed before your line of sight yet.  I’m excited about this and hope that you will enjoy it with us.

In the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday, we will also be sharing past blog posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages every Thursday.

Plus, having more time to write now (something that I just love and which comes so easily to me), when it comes to The Design Tabloid blog posts going forward, I will be chatting more about our Design Monarchy projects and just giving some up close and personal insights into what we do here in the studio, on site, with our clients, etc. That said then – watch this space!

As a taster of #ThrowbackThursday blog posts to come, included below you will find the link to an article I wrote  back in 2012 that is slightly more along personal lines – “A Love Affair with Interiors“. Gosh, how time flies. Truth be told I had forgotten all about that article, but Marica who has a memory like an elephant when it comes to blog posts, brought it to my attention.

P.S. Have you recently visited our Instagram and Facebook Pages? We have some cool project images going over there.

Read “A Love Affair with Interiors” : here.


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