{Video} How To Wacky Your Takkies

Oh, guys and gals you have to see this hilarious DIY video our girl Suzelle uploaded on Monday.

5 Brilliant Ways To Customize Your Sneakers:

In this amusing clip Suzelle shows us how she keeps “her style so funky-fresh” by illustrating five brilliant ways you can brighten up plain white takkies. An quick definition for our overseas friends: “takkies” is the informal South African term for “sneakers”.

Bling-Bling Takkies:

These are soo pretty and bling even “Kim Kardashian will wear this”…

Paint your sneakers all over with gold fabric paint. Thereafter use masking tape to cover the toe of your shoe while you brush the rest of your sneaker in glitter paint. Wait for the paint to dry, remove the masking tape and, with a glue gun, stick rhinestones (or “rhino-stones” as Suzelle calls them) to the toe.

Ombre Garden Takkies:

Dip your sneakers in a pink fabric dye bath to give them an ombre effect and leave them to dry. Brush some purple fabric paint unto the tips of the toe and blend in. Now use several layers of podge to stick wrapping paper flowers all over your shoe.

DIY Tie-Dye Takkies:

Make a multitude of dots all over your sneakers using colourful markers or kokies. Then dab the dots with an earbud (q-tip) dipped in nail polish remover to bleed the marker ink and create a playful tie-dye effect.

Super Star Sneaks, yo!:

Stick star stickers unto your sneakers and then paint a layer of fabric paint over it. You can use different colour paint on each section of your shoe. After it has dried, just peel off the stickers to expose the unpainted surface below. Suzelle even made a cute tasselled piece to add to the sneaker laces.

Jackson Pollock Takkies:

Paint you sneakers in a solid darker colour (remember to masking tape your shoes’ rubber edges). Now just splatter away using different coloured fabric paint. Don’t forget your goggles!

Like Suzelle says, “just use your creativity homie!

Drop a beat Marianne!



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