Blogging: Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

I started out writing this article because the subject matter was bothering me and I wanted to get it onto paper. I sat down, open up a Word Doc and typed the title. Boom – got that right! Now what?

I was experiencing a bit of “Writer’s Block”. It was not that I did not know what to write about, but rather, “how am I going to manage to put this rush of thoughts and feelings onto paper?” How was I going to express myself? There I sat – staring at the title. I turned to Marica and started to do what the both of us love to do, which is to explore a subject. What is happening to blogs these days and how do we feel about blog content over the past few months? Naturally in our case, it is mainly referring to interior & lifestyle blogs.

What was the lead up to these bothering questions?  Well, for me it is real simple. Just the other day, I had become aware that I was thoroughly bored with blogs. Really? – an avid blog lover – bored?  Hell yeah!  I felt like most of the blogs I read on a regular basis just did not do it for me any longer. Notice, I said most and not all. Was I experiencing blog overload, I asked myself?  I asked Marica the same. Are blogs in that place where a complete and utter overload of information has overtaken the voice of the blogger, leaving them to resort to just presenting for the sake of presenting? Are bloggers just going through the motions, posting content that feel uninspired and soulless? Are there too many blogs that are merely billboards for their sponsors and advertisers or prospective sponsors, who in doing so just lost their authenticity? Is it all about the “business of blogging” where big business has managed to worm their way into the bloggershere along with all their PR companies?  The result of which means that we, the readers, have product foisted onto us all the time?

OR a much scarier thought, are blogs dead or dying off? The novelty has worn off and now all we have is quick post that come our way in billboard form?

Lots of rather strong questions, don’t you think?

Sadly, if we had to be truthful, we would have to admit that we too have fallen prey to what could be seen as “soulless” posts. When pressed for time, we often opt to post a quickie (which ultimately is not so quick to prep anyway) just to keep the momentum of the blog ongoing. However, in our defence, we have made it known that Design Monarchy, our “day job”, comes first. There are times when our interior design projects and clients suck up most our time and energy. It leaves us with no alternative but to post a couple of quickies to tide us over until our design work and deadlines have eased up a bit. Believe me, I love writing (you might have noticed by the length of this post) and were I able to earn a juicy living from just blogging, Marica and I would be churning dem juicy posts on a far more regular basis.

So there I sat – this blog title and I – just glaring at each other. Post my discussion with Marica, I decided to jump onto the net to get a broader perspective, do some research. I wanted to see if other bloggers were feeling the same way. Before I hit Google, I checked into my Outlook RSS Feed folder to see if any of the blogs I subscribe to had  anything to offer. One of these blogs were Holly Becker’s Decor8, whom I respect as a seasoned blogger. I had not checked in with Decor8 for a while and missed a vital post. Turns out she was either a really good mind reader, or it was totally serendipitous that the first post I opened was speaking the same thoughts, words and feelings I had been experiencing of late.  My goodness, she spoke it just about word for word what had been running through my system for a while. Phew – that sure made me feel vindicated.

If you also feel this way and have the time and the inclination to read a more in-depth article written straight from the heart, I encourage you to read her article here: link. I could not have said it any better! If you have even more time, be sure to check out the comments which contains the most interesting discussions.

I realise that this topic is completely debatable and like a diamond it has many facets to it, all equally justifiable. I also realise that there are some really cool bloggers who will not agree with me and for their own reasons will present their own cases.  Each blog has its own style, philosophy and culture that drive it.  All good!

I for one am really tired of “Billboard Blogging”. They are just not interesting for me. Informative – certainly.  Interesting – nah!  At this moment I am relieved that we were not able to “monetize” our blog, something I often used to envy other bloggers for.  Yes, our blog is a marketing tool in the Design Monarchy toolbox, we still treasure it as a platform to speak of our work, our knowledge and our minds. Our online business journal!

One thing that I noticed with Decor8, the blog has changed its format, layout and style completely.  No more sponsored advertising going on there. Looks more like a website than a blog. What a change that is! What a breath of fresh air.

Having said all of this, I am not giving up on blogs yet. Not as a blog reader, nor as a blog writer.

Gonna close off now, otherwise you will definitely get bored. Before I do, tell me: What do you think about the blogging world? Are you also bored? Does it still hold the same interest for you? What is your opinion? I would so love to hear. Even if it doesn’t agree with what I had to say? That is where the interest lies.

Cheerio-di lovely peeps.


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