Décor Dictionary: Triptych

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Triptych: (pronounced “triptik”, from the Greek meaning “three-fold”) an artwork consisting of three panels – a typically larger middle panel, flanked by two smaller related works. There are however triptychs of equal-sized panels. Historically, triptych panels were hinged in order for the work to be folded for easy transport. A triptych may consist of three separate images of the same theme, or may be one larger work split into three.

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How to Hack your Backpack

I’m sure some of you have already seen this hilariously funny DIY video where SuzelleDIY shares some outrages back-to-school hacks.

Some of the hacks include: a clever way to hide your phone from the teacher’s eyes, sneaking some cool-drink in class, and one or two interesting stationery ideas. Of course in typical whimsical SuzelleDIY fashion most of the ideas are way over the top – I mean, a backpack umbrella of all things – absurd yet entertaining.

Suzelle guarantees that with these clever backpack upgrades you are sure to be the “coolest kid in school”.

I don’t know, with a backpack like that you might just end up eating lunch in the quad alone…

Have a watch and tell us what you think in the comment below.

7 Beautiful Freebie Printable Calendars for 2016

It seems the new year is the perfect time to score some awesome freebies! I decided to take a good sniff around the web to see what free printable stuff I could find! I was quite spoilt for choice and decided to limit my selection to the seven gorgeous 2016 printable calendars below. Let me know in the comments which calendar is your favourite!

Please follow the links below to download…

(above) Of course we HAVE to start the freebie love with a local lovely! Somerset West based graphic designer, Carmia of Clementine Creative, designed this gorgeous brush-lettered calendar. Each month’s lettering has been hand painted in beautiful watercolours. The result is understated and happy.

Click here to download.

(above) Here is another happy summer calendar. Audrey of This Little Street did all the pretty illustrations and artwork and Jessica of Coco and Mingo did the beautiful lettering and general layout of the calendar. Don’t you just love team efforts? I love the cute little strawberry design of the February month page… although the month of May is equally lovely!

Click here to download.

(above) Michelle, of Elegance & Enchantment, asked her readers to vote for their favourite printable calendar design available through Michelle’s Etsy shop. This quirky motivational desk calendar (pictured right) won and is now free to download from Michelle’s website! Be sure to check out the other designs too – she has some gorgeous inspirational and motivational quote and Bible verse calendars available on her shop.

Click here to download.

(above) Kristi, from I Should Be Mopping The Floor, designed this beautiful 2016 calendar-at-a-glance freebie with it’s whimsy mason jar illustration. This calendar is perfect for the pin board by your desk or for quick reference in the kitchen.

Click here to download.

(above) The team at FTD Fresh shared this beautiful floral printable calendar for 2016. They were even kind enough to design it in two formats – a larger calendar perfect for the wall next to your desk and a more compact desk calendar!

Click here to download.

(above) Graphic Designer, Galit, of Two Brushes Designs celebrated the new year by gifting her Facebook followers with a free printable version of one of her beautifully designed calendars available on her successful Etsy shop. I do have a soft spot for gorgeous inky watercolour designs!

Click here to download.

(above) Want something a little different for your desk? Try this three dimensional calendar designed by Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow. She also gives you instructions as to how you should cut and put this together.

Click here to download.

Hello 2016!

Design Monarchy New Year's Greeting

I tell you, it feels rather strange for my bum to be back in an office chair. We here at Design Monarchy had such a lovely, not to mention well-deserved, festive break. Last year was a busy, exciting and successful year for us and we said goodbye to 2015 in grateful celebration. Even though we are still shaking off some sweet holiday lethargy, I have this feeling that 2016 is going to be a GOOD year! In fact, I think we should keep some champagne on ice because…

“I’ve decided that 2016 will be an unbelievably-wonderful, astoundingly-phenomenal, staggeringly-stupendous year!”