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To conclude our recent posts on Bohemianism, both as a movement and as an interior style, we thought to put together a little style “starter kit”.

Here are a dozen furniture and décor items that will give you that Bohemian look:


1. This distressed vintage Indian almirah, or cabinet, will be the focal point of any Bohemian interior. The gorgeous pop of jewel blue will contribute to the much-needed Bohemian colour quota.  |  {where to buy: Weylandts}

2. A bit of mood lighting is in order – this metal Moroccan lantern would be perfect. Hang it from the ceiling or group a couple on the floor or coffee table.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

3. Add a bit of Bohemian elegance with this brass and dimpled glass pendant light. Hang them in a small cluster at different heights.  |  {where to buy: Weylandts}

4. Bold vintage Kilim scatter cushion. This beautiful example is from Le Soux, however you can find something just as stunning at locally at Moroccan Warehouse in the Cape Town CBD.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

5. Use this shaggy handwoven scatter cushion to add a bit of texture to your room.  |  {where to buy: Mr Price Home}

6. This eye-catching scatter cushion, with its woven and knotted ribbon stripes, tie the colours of all the various décor elements together and provides added texture.  |  {where to buy: Woolworths}

7. Add a measure of playfulness to your cushion collection with this fun and colourful tassel scatter cushion.  |  {where to buy: Woolworths}

8. Another colourful vintage Kilim cushion, this one is from Leif, but Moroccan Warehouse will be able to hook you up with something similar.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

9 & 10. Any Bohemian interior worth its salt should have more than one rug. These beautiful vintage Berber rugs from Moroccan Atlas Mountains will provide loads of colour, texture & pattern. Remember to layer your rugs!  |  {where to buy: Fibre Designs}

11. Now what would a Bohemian space be without a Moroccan leather pouffe?! You can get these in almost any colour under the sun.  |  {where to buy: Moroccan Warehouse}

12. Handwoven from abacá – a type of banana leaf – this beautiful stool will add another layer of texture and interest to you Bohemian décor.  |  {where to buy: Weylandts}

Just a quick P.S…

Not to long ago we enlisted the services of Fibre Designs during one of our recent interior design projects. We had found the perfect rug for the space and budget, but it was too big. That can be quite disheartening. Our rug specialist Bev Walters referred us to Fibre Designs as rug repairs and alterations (including that of speciality rugs) are part of their services. They did a sterling job of reducing the size, while still retaining the flow of the pattern on the rug. This is such a rare service we felt we had to share it with you. 


One thought on “Get This Look: Bohemian

  1. Hi Rose,

    Oh wow, this is amazing! Thank you!

    I think I must have a little mini December project….whilst I manifest for Design Monarchy to help me to create this one day.

    Thank you so much for this precious gift that will help me to start!

    Received with much gratitude


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