Glass Display Cabinets in the Kitchen

Want to know what we here at Design Monarchy are currently crushing on? We absolutely love the idea of using glass-fronted cabinets or vitrines as additional kitchen storage. While the concept seems rather traditional, these type of cabinets can easily fit into a style of interior – anything from farmhouse to contemporary. As one blogger described it, “they are as versatile as jeans or a white t-shirt”.

A cabinet with glass doors allows for practical storage – you can immediately see what dishes you have without having to root around in the cupboard.

It also allows your dishes to become part of the show – a focal point. So much character is added to a kitchen if your gorgeous collections of china, glassware and vases are in plain view. In fact, with the current trend focus on more individual, lived-in interiors and décor, your crockery doesn’t have to be anything special or expensive. It just has to be you.

So whether they are loose-standing or fitted, that is why we have a big ole furniture crush we on glass-fronted cabinets in kitchens. How about you, do you like the idea too?

Glass Kitchen Display Cabinet
I absolutely adore the rustic Scandinavian simplicity of this soft grey kitchen vitrine of Tine Kjeldsen owner of the Danish homeware brand Tine K Home. | Image Source:
Glass Kitchen Display Cabinet
Don’t you just love the punch of blue in this beautiful rustic glass fronted cabinet? It looks perfectly at home in this gorgeous Industrial-style home located in Cape Town. | Image via
Glass Kitchen Display Cabinet
Blogger & interior stylist, Anna Truelsen, designed this lovely glass door cabinet on castors for her Scandi Country kitchen which her grandfather then made for her. | Image via:
Glass Kitchen Display Cabinet
A whole wall of glass cabinets? Yes please! Can you believe this is from IKEA’s kitchen range. I especially love the splashes of warm light emitting from the cabinets! | Image via:
Glass Kitchen Display Cabinet
When Lynda Reeves renovated her contemporary country kitchen she incorporated this dreamy full-length glass fronted cabinet to show off her prized crockery. | Image Source:
Glass Kitchen Display Cabinet
Can you say Vintage Farmhouse Chic! What a statement this oversized wooden cabinet makes. | Image via:

SuzelleDIY: How to Make a Loadshedding Survival Kit

Surviving Load-Shedding:

In this video, SuzelleDIY shows you how to make your very own load-shedding “survival kit”. It is a clever idea – keeping all you necessities in a handy toolbox that you can easily find without stubbing your toes in the dark.

The kit includes various lamps, lights and candles for all your illumination needs.  I also love the idea of storing your favourite card or compact board games in the toolbox to keep you busy while the power is out. Suzelle even illustrates how you can make a temporary phone charger with a battery!

Notable Quotables: What I Love Most About My Home…

“What I love most about my home is the memories it holds.”

Design*Sponge recently featured the romantic Victorian-style home of Anna Potter florist and owner of Swallows of Damsons. Anna’s Instagram feed is a treasure trove of beautiful photos (and flowers) from her life and work in Sheffield, England and, after getting a peek inside her romantic studio and shop, Anna and her husband Dan, an illustrator, were kind enough to share their home with Design*Sponge. In response to the question “What I love most about my home is…” Anna styled a beautiful floral arrangement with her quote answer…

Tell me, what do you love most about your home?

Décor Dictionary: English Roll-Arm Sofa

{click to enlarge}

English Roll-Arm Sofa: or “Club Sofa,” is a comfortable yet elegant sofa with low pleated, rolled arms, a fixed (or “tight”) angled back, a unique downwards swoop of the side, loose T-seat cushions, and turned front legs on brass casters. The sofa, which has become the epitome of timeless English country estate design, is also sometimes called the “Howard Sofa” as it was designed by British furniture manufacturers, Howard & Sons, in the 19th-century.

[Image Sources: 1, 2]

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Video: Decorating Using The Colour Wheel

Finding the right colour scheme for your home can be a real decorating challenge. The secret to creating a successful colour scheme is by using the colour wheel! A favoured tool of designers and decorators, the colour wheel makes colour relationships easy to understand by dividing the spectrum into twelve basic hues: three primary colours, three secondary colours, and six tertiary colours. Watch this short video to help you better understand how colours work.