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Can You Do Minimal Interior Living?

One of my favourite design blogs, and has been for about 5 years now, is Design*Sponge. What I appreciate most about D*S is that it is written for the man in the street. The homes and spaces that are featured are not styled to the nth degree before they are photographed, to make them look picture perfect. No – the featured interior décor and design is for everyday living. Just a quick P.S. here – everyday living however, does not amount to ordinary living. You encounter some extra-ordinary & unique interiors.

What makes these interior spaces extra-ordinary and unique? The very fact that they reflect the personalities, values and characters of their owners. Probably the most important element in any home or office space. After all, Home is where the Heart is!!

True Minimalism

A true Minimalist interior – stark linear lines, minimal furniture and décor, neutral colour palette, and a focus on architectural features and hard finishes.

However, one article in particular recently grabbed my attention and got the mind chatter going. Particularly the whole matter of keeping “stuff to a minimum” which it seems is the creed of the owner. De-cluttering is her business, so it was grand to see her apply her values into her own interior space. As I looked at the images of her house, I was struck by the fact that it is so vastly different to what we had come to know as “Minimalist Style” since way back. True Minimalism, where the lines were linear, the furniture more along stark contemporary lines, and the predominant colours were grey and neutrals.

So much of that type of Minimalism is still to be found dominant in European homes. Maybe just a little bit more upbeat than before – furniture and other interior décor elements are kept to an absolute minimum, while the over-arching features are to be found in the interior hard finishes – such a wood cladding etc.

New Minimalism

New Minimalism (2)

The “new” Minimalist home of minimalists Cary and Cam Fortin. Cary has been able to train herself to live with less while still maintaining a truly personal and layered abode.

But, this lady was presenting me with a new kind of Minimalism – a home filled with pattern, plants, retro furniture pieces, loads of colour and textures layered into her home, while still being true to her ideals of living with less.

Which just proved to me – it can be done. You can have minimalism without sacrificing layering and textures. It is being done.

Nip over to the article (here) and challenge yourself by asking yourself the question: Could you let go of all the stuff you don’t need in your life with a view of allowing some really good features to stand proud? As I sit here – I think I could do it. I could do New Minimalism.

Take note of the article’s last paragraph – it’s poignant:

Far too often the expectations for what is considered “minimalism” are set at an unattainable degree. That’s why I find Cary and Cam’s home so refreshing. It ushers in a new way of perceiving the movement by showing what a contemporary and lively family deems “the essentials.” It also doesn’t hurt when that family has impeccable taste, like these two.

New Minimalism (4)

New Minimalism (1)

New Minimalism (3)

{Images: 1, 2-4, 5}

Quick Tip #41: Painting Hack – Wax To Distress!

{click to enlarge}

Here is another time and effort saving tip in our “Painting Hack” Quick Tip series. Prominent Paints shared this clever concept on facebook page and we just love it!

#41 Want to add a distressed Shabby Chic element to a piece of furniture? Rub a white candle over the areas you want the wood to show through. The wax makes the top coat of paint peel off with ease. Gently brush away the excess wax. Now paint your item. Use moist wipes to wipe away the paint in the areas you applied candle wax to.

[Image sources: 1 & 2]
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Notable Quotables: What I Love Most About My Home…

“What I love most about my home is the people I share it with.”

The design and décor blog, Design*Sponge, has a regular feature where they give you a “sneak peek” into the beautiful homes and interiors of ordinary folk. To accompany their home tour each homeowner is asked to complete the phrase: “What I love most about my home is…” They then style a handwritten note capturing their answer. The resulting quote is usually touching, creative and beautifully personal.

I’m endeavouring to share one quote of note each month… I already know a good deal of them will be for the “What I love most about my home…” section!

Tell me, what do you love most about your home?

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