Quick Tip #40: Decorative Trays

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Here is another unexpected yet beautiful and clever organisational tool…

#40 Counter tops, tables and desks often fall victim to an accumulation of necessary items – things we often use and want to keep close at hand. It can look a right mess. Trays (i.e. those things that you serve refreshments on) are excellent organisational tools to keep the chaos contained. In a handful of minutes you can turn your desktop clutter into an aesthetically pleasing décor vignette. All you need is a tray…

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One thought on “Quick Tip #40: Decorative Trays

  1. […] Now that you have all the necessary functional and decorative items to create a good-looking drinks trolley it is time to style it. The best way to do this is to create a beautiful and balanced decorative arrangement or “vignette”. If you need some tips on creating a perfect vignette, see our post: here. Oh, and don’t forget to use the decorator’s organisational best friend – the tray. […]

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