Make It A Fun-Filled Easter

Those of you who know me will be familiar with my many phrases and sayings.  Well, I am about to unleash some now – Oh My Word! (that’s one) Where has this year disappeared to!? (two) I just cannot believe that the time for Easter posts are upon us.  Yikes! (three – thus far)

Okay – since tomorrow is Good Friday, there is plenty of Easter-related stuff around the net right now.  As I sit here wondering what angle to take for this Easter post, I realised that actually like Christmas, Easter is really a fun time for the kids.  My grandchildren, regardless of their age – absolutely live and die for the Sunday Easter Egg Hunt.  In fact, I am sure that you will agree that it is fun all round.  My daughters have great fun hiding the eggs.  As for myself, watching the kids run around and shriek with delight at their plentiful chocolate finds – that is such a thrill for me. I stand in the background making all sorts of remarks about the Easter Bunny and his weird and wonderful habits.  Get such a kick outta that.

So, these memories of fun times on Easter Sundays have set the tone for this post.  All we want to do is present you with some fun and quirky Easter images. Just because we can! (and that’s four).

That is what Marica and I would like to wish for all our readers, friends and family – a fun-filled Easter Weekend.  Since the underlying essence of Easter is about renewal and fresh starts – make your break away from work, filled with fun times – it’s one of the quickest ways to feel revitalised.

Trawling for an Easter greetings, I found the video below – just in case you ever wondered how Easter chocolates are made – seems hard work! I love it – find it funny and hope you do to.  It sets the tone for my week end.

Love you all and speak soon again.


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