Quick Tip #37: Ice-Cream Stick Paint Swatches

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Furniture and fabrics shopping for your home can be complicated. Especially if you are unsure if the new item you have your eye on will compliment your home’s existing colour scheme. Wish you had all your paint colours with you as reference? Here is a very clever trick we spotted on the Prominent Paints facebook page that might help:

#37  Collect wooden ice-cream / popsicle sticks (tongue depressors will work too) to use as quick reference paint swatches for your home. Paint each stick the colour of every relevant painted surface in your house (walls, ceiling, trim, furniture items, etc.). Write the names and brand of your paint on each stick, drill a hole in the ends and attach a metal ring. Now you have a collection of paint samples you can carry with you the next time you go shopping for furniture, fabric or decor.

[Image sources: 1 & 2, 3]
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