Trend Alert: Paint-Splattered

By Marica

A quirky décor trend is doing the rounds – paint-splattering… everything. The trend, which started with dreamy wishy-washy watercolour splotches and inky spills, has now evolved into grungier splatters and drips. AND, if Pinterest is anything to go by it’s gaining serious momentum – bold splashes on walls, furniture, ceramics and of course my absolute favourite… scatter cushions.

Like most décor trends we can thank the fashion industry and catwalks for the revival of this bespeckled fad. Revival, you ask? Why yes! In fact, the paint splattered look is far from new – those who haven’t block out the dreaded 80’s completely might remember this red hot trend.

I can understand the fascination – it’s bright, vibrant and playful. Not to mention that recreating this look would be a breeze even for a DIY novice like me. I now have sudden and urgent desire to go all Jackson Pollock over some of my stuff. Why not try it yourself – don’t think of it as a mess but rather an opportunity for aesthetic self-expression.


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